HANAN GODAR : Diplomat With Love

Despite his country's continuous struggle with Hamas militants, he has shown personal support for Nepal and its people. He is a diplomat with a heart full of affection.

Jan. 26, 2024, 12:06 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: VOL. 17, No. 12, January.26,2024 (Magh,12. 2080) Publisher and Editor: Keshab Prasad Poudel Online Register Number: DOI 584/074-75

Israel has been struggling for its survival against terrorism since Hamas' terrible terrorist attack in Southern Israel on October 7th, which claimed over 1500 innocent Israeli lives, including 10 students from Nepal, and abducted over 500 captives.

Hanan Goder, the Israeli ambassador to Nepal, whose family is also in Israel, is going through trauma and a challenging time, just like all Israelis. In addition to carrying out his diplomatic duties, Ambassador Hanan Goder stays in regular contact with the families of those who were evacuated and with Nepalese students hurt in a terrorist assault.

He has maintained continuous communication with the family of Bipin Joshi, a student from Nepal who was purportedly kidnapped by Hamas. Ambassador Hanan Goder made major efforts to enhancing grassroots people-to-people ties both during his first and second terms as Israel's ambassador to Nepal.

He attempted to modernize Nepali agriculture and developed the 'Learn and Earn' program to train young farmers from Nepal in Israel. He also made it easier for experts from Nepal to enter the Israeli job market.

Although ambassadors come and go, Ambassador Goder will leave a lasting impression on the relationship between Israel and Nepal. On the other hand, some diplomats have a profound effect on the nation in which they are posted. Israel is one of the few nations that the people of Nepal hold in high respect and confidence as their nation broadens its international contacts.

After serving their terms in Nepal, a number of Israeli envoys have left the country having made significant contributions to improving relations between the two nations. But the Israeli ambassador to Nepal, Hanan Goder, who held the position twice, has demonstrated a stronger bond with the country and its people.

Ambassador Goder has been traveling the nation and meeting farmers, business owners, and individuals from all walks of life in order to promote Nepal's natural beauty.

Through his effort, the business sectors in Israel and Nepal are collaborating to modernize the agriculture industry in Nepal and increase the capacity of Nepalese farmers.

In Nepal, the brand "Shalom" is currently well-known. After their return from Israel, several Nepalese entrepreneurs and products were founded. Their businesses were called "Shalom."


Recognizing its more than 65 years of diplomatic connections and friendship with Nepal, Israel has been in Nepal to support Nepalese, whether it was during the catastrophic earthquake in 2015 or during regular times.

Dhulikhel Hospital and Israeli medical professionals have been collaborating on community medicine and water purification. A project to introduce water purifying technology to Nepal was started by Ambassador Hanan.

The University of Maryland in the United States will work with Namo Buddha Municipality and Kavre District to develop a water treatment plant.

Various people from Nepalese society were introduced to University of Maryland professors and students currently visiting Nepal.

By 2030, water demand is predicted to surpass availability by 40% if substantial reforms to water management are not implemented.

Water treatment can eliminate dangerous impurities from drinking water while also enhancing its taste, fragrance, and appearance. Chlorine, soil residue, and both organic and inorganic pollutants are reduced.

Ten percent of treated water in Israel is set aside for environmental uses including reducing river flow and fighting fires. The majority of treated water in Israel is used for agricultural irrigation. Merely 5% of it is released into the ocean.

Israel's well-planned, excellent reuse and distribution of water have led to a national surplus of water that it exports to its neighbors.

The construction of a water treatment facility in the NamoBuddha municipality with assistance from Maryland University will mark a significant milestone for the unplanned urbanization of the Kathmandu Valley, according to Professor Dr. Bim Shrestha of Kathmandu University.

Israel is a global pioneer in water recycling, according to Israeli Ambassador to Nepal Hanan Goder. He also brought up the horrific October 7, 2023, attack on Israel by Hamas, which left hundreds dead, including ten students from Nepal. Bipin Joshi, one of the students, was abducted and is still missing.

In addition, Ambassador Hanan emphasized the significance of Israel's development of Nepal by introducing a water treatment plant to Namobudha. Ambassador Hanan gave Nepal and the Nepalese people a piece of his heart.

Israel has consistently sided with Nepal and the Nepalese people when disputes about its existence arise. Nepal strengthened its leadership within the monarchy and installed BP Koirala as its first democratically elected prime minister.

Wherever he goes, Ambassador Hanan—who prefers to go as Dil Bahadur—leads with a few words of wisdom. He gathers plastic debris from the trail when he goes trekking.

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