Nepalese Lawyer Appointed As Member Of Executive Committee Of LAWASIA

Nepalese Lawyer Appointed as Member of Executive Committee Of LAWASIA

Jan. 31, 2024, 8:37 a.m.

LAWASIA has unanimously appointed Advocate Saroj K Ghimire from Nepal as a member of its Executive Committee for the year 2024-2026. This appointment is a historic and unique recognition and honor for Nepalese lawyers considering the involvement of Nepalese lawyers in international platforms of bar associations and conferences. Ghimire's appointment is the second appointment of Nepali lawyers in the Executive Committee of LAWASIA after the appointment of Senior Advocate Bishwa Kanta Mainali, former President of Nepal Bar Association.

LAWASIA, an organization founded by the law societies and bar associations of Asia and the Asia Pacific in 1966. LAWASIA is the largest association of lawyers and law societies and bar associations from 40 countries. It is an association of lawyers, judges, jurists and legal organizations that advocates for the interests and concerns of the legal profession in the Asia Pacific region. Nepal Bar Association is one of the member among organizational members of LAWASIA. For this reason too, Ghimire's appointment in the Executive Committee of LAWASIA is said to be one of the most prestigious appointments by Nepalese lawyers.

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LAWASIA plays a crucial role in facilitating the exchange of legal knowledge across borders and upholding values such as the rule of law, professional ethics and the protection of human rights. In Asia and the Asia-Pacific region, LAWASIA has established itself as the leading voice of the legal community and has actively promoted regional cooperation among bar associations, judges and lawyers is an honor beyond words.

LAWASIA conducts various legal conferences and seminars throughout the year, providing a unique platform for professional development, regional networking and exchange of legal insights across a spestrum of fields and stands strong for the defense of human rights, the rule of law, the constitution and democracy.

Commenting on the appointment as Executive Member of LAWASIA from Nepal, Ghimire said, "This appointment is one of the most esteemed and prestigious appointments of Nepali lawyers to represent in the international lawyers' organization. This is the rare opportunity for Nepali lawyers to work in the global platform for rule of law and human rights. My representation is not personal rather I am representing all Nepali lawyers and Nepal Bar Association and I am committed to building a strong relationship between the Nepal Bar Association with LAWASIA and other Bar Associations of Asia and Asia Pacific for the mutual interest and benefit of its member lawyers. My enthusiasm for promoting legal excellence and fostering cooperation among legal professionals is perfectly aligned with my appointment in LAWASIA and I will try my best to bring young Nepali lawyers in this international platform so that they can avail best opportunity to develop their professional careers, network the, competence and legal business.

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As we collectively prioritize upholding the pillars of the rule of law, professional ethics and human rights, I am confident that my involvement with LAWASIA will be instrumental in improving the legal landscape in the Asia Pacific region. I eagerly look forward to playing an active role in the wide range of dynamic activities organized by LAWASIA and I am sure that the Nepal Bar Association will also take its best opportunity to provide the best benefits to its member lawyers and I will be the bridge between these two associations. I am sure LAWASIA appointed me by observing my past involvement and responsibilities given by LAWASIA and my representations in various international platforms including LAWASIA and the International Bar Association and my commitment to bringing lawyers together for exchange support, network and values of legal profession. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity and cannot wait to embark on this enriching journey.

Ghimire will serve on the Executive Committee for two years and will be involved in various committees of LAWASIA and its activities. Ghimire is the former Treasurer of the Supreme Court Bar Association, former IBA Council Member for the Nepal Bar Association and Coordinator of the International Relation Committee of the Supreme Court Bar Association.

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