Sambhu Prasad Gyawali’s Contribution In Nepal’s Legal System Remembered

The legacy of late Sambhu Prasad Gyawali lives on in his remarkable contributions.

April 13, 2024, 12:48 p.m.

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Dr. Ananda Mohan Bhattarai, the most senior justice of the Supreme Court, expressed that the late Sambhu Prasad Gyawali, a distinguished lawyer, is a symbol of Nepal's contemporary judicial system. He emphasized that Gyawali's efforts in establishing and institutionalizing the judiciary in Nepal will be eternally commemorated.

During a lecture commemorating the 25th Memorial Day of the esteemed late Shambhu Prasad Gyawali, a renowned constitutional lawyer, former attorney general, and law minister, Justice Dr. Bhattarai expressed that Gyawali was a significant figure in Nepal's modern judicial system.

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He emphasized Gyawali's invaluable contribution to the establishment and institutionalization of the judiciary in Nepal, stating that his legacy will be forever remembered.

In his presentation titled "Independent and Strong Judiciary in the Historical Context of Nepal's Legal History," former Supreme Court Justice Prakas Wasti highlighted the various contributions made by Gyawali. Wasti acknowledged Gyawali's involvement in modernizing Nepal's legal system and judicial institutions during his tenure as a minister, attorney general, secretary of law, and senior advocate.

Wasti further elaborated on Gyawali's multifaceted role within the judicial system, spanning across all three regimes as a judge, law administrator, advocate, minister, and attorney general. He emphasized that lawyers and judges can draw inspiration from Gyawali's unwavering commitment to the law and his profession.

As a senior advocate and former member of the Human Rights Commission, Wasti also commended Gyawali for his efforts in preventing the politicization of the judiciary and opposing any actions that could compromise professionalism within the legal system.

He said that Nepal is currently going through crucial periods, and the judiciary plays a vital role in these times, as stated by an individual. Additionally, this person mentioned that the legal fraternity should take pride in having had a personality like the late Gyawali.

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Gopal Krishna Ghimire, the President of Nepal Bar Association, expressed that lawyers like him greatly benefited from the vast knowledge of the late Gyawali. He also emphasized the importance for new lawyers to understand the contributions made by senior advocates like Gyawali. Furthermore, senior advocate Chandrakanta Gyawali highlighted the significance of lecture series in strengthening Nepal's legal system.

The lecture series was organized by Nepal Bar Council, and the chairman of the council and attorney General, Dr. Dinmani Pokharel, stressed the need for Nepal's legal fraternity to remember the sacrifices and contributions made by the late Gyawali. He further mentioned that the Nepalese judicial system is currently facing numerous challenges, and the contributions of the late Gyawali will help overcome these crises.

During the event, attended by senior lawyers, legal attorneys, and relatives, Prajwal Raj Gyawali, the grandson of the late Gyawali, spoke on behalf of his grandmother Nalini Gyawali about the lecture series.

Gyawali, a young lawyer, emphasized the importance of young leaders being aware of the significant contributions made by renowned figures such as the late Gyawali in Nepal's legal system.

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Additionally, a special edition of a book authored by the late Sambhu Prasad Gyawali was unveiled during the event, and Nalini Gyawali autographed copies of the book that were sold at the program.

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