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Oct. 12, 2010, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol.: 04 No.-09 Oct. -08-2010(Ashwin 22, 2067)

Having written a number of poems and short stories, young poet KISHAN SINGH DHAMI has established himself as a leading poet in Nepali literature. Born in remote Shankarpur village development committee of Darchula district, Dhami has already published a number of poems and short stories in leading literary magazines. Young poet Dhami has also published a book based on collection of his poems and a novel. Dhami, who has travelled extensively in almost all 75 districts of Nepal, spoke to NEW SPOTLIGHT regarding his poetic contribution. Excerpts:

Are you writing any book?
I am writing a new book. Some of my poems will be translated into English.

When will they be published?

They will come soon in the market. My book will narrate the life of urban people and the problems faced by the migrants. I hope people will like it.

What are the major problems for a writer?
Publication is a major problem for the writer. In my case, I published two books on my own and a publisher published one book. I have made money from my two books.

You are already involved in poetry, story and novel. Among them, which genre do you like the most?

My favorite is poem since I find there is life in it. I cannot get satisfaction from other genre as much as I get from poem when I start to read them in a solitary situation.

How do you view the present state of Nepali literature?
So many things have already been written in different sectors. There are a lot of poets. However, the number of readers is less. We are unable to convince the people that literature is important to read.

Don’t you think this is due to low quality of poems?
That is wrong.  I cannot say all poems maintain standards but what I can say is a majority of them are of high quality. Readers don’t have patience to read them.

What about your novel College Girl Lai Email (Email to College Girl)?
Ratnapustak Bhandar has recently published the second edition. I received a good response.

What do you think about writing in future?

I will continue to write poetry in future but I cannot ignore the taste of readers in other prose.

What is literature?
It is a way of expression. My role is to narrate the events and other things of society in simple manner so that people can understand them.

What things influence you the most while writing?

Poverty and empty conversations influence the most. I have already published six works. 




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