Gender Identity: Women, Men and Transgender

<br><P>-Radha Poudel</P>

Feb. 28, 2011, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol. : 04 No .-17 Feb.25-2011 (Falgun 13,2067)

Gender related trainings at local, national, international level rarely introduced the term of Third Gender Third Sex or Transgender or LGBTI where as gender has been getting space significantly since Beijing Conference 1995 in government, non-government organizations at large. Ridiculously, even in the educated society, academic intuitions, gender applies ONLYwomen and men.

As we socialized through cinemas, circus and other sources, society takes third gender as a fun, to some extent inferiority, powerless at private as well as public arena. The family and members/relatives also have taken third gender as a matter of stigma, humiliation, shameful and guilt because they thought that third gender is an outcome of sin in earlier life or ancestors. Thus, neither family discloses the concerns nor the individual expose themselves about their gender identity and sexual orientation.

Indeed, gender implies to women, men and transgender (TG). Even TG has various names or definition as their local context or country to country. However, TG refers to female to men, men to female and Hijara. At the mean time, in Nepal the representative society called BDS (Blue Diamond Society) called LGBTI largely. It covers lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual and inter-sex persons, neither of whom falls under the categories of male and female.

Actually, TGs are deprived from exercising their rights from legal frameworks/policies. Thus, they have been discriminating at multiple forms and ways at their daily life at individual, family and public life. Primarily, they have excluded at their home, mostly their needs, aspirations and interest ignored and taken as a psychosocial problems. Most of TG brings to the psychiatrics or seeking medical treatment. Likewise, they oppressed at school, community or their work setting. Once they disclosed, they have to illegible to continue their tasks or taken out as a punishment e.g. lesbian woman terminated in Nepal army in 2007. Similarly, they do not have category in official and formal institutions regards to their gender. There are only mentioned men and women.

Therefore, TG are not only marginalized or in minority but also pushed towards ranges of social, economical and emotional problems. It includes anxiety, depression, suicide, and unemployment. Initially, they are also natural persons, human beings but the society treat and make them different. Consequently, conflict, violence gradually induced in the society. They do not have choice and options as their interest and capacity. Finally, they are being further pushed in to criminal activities and harmful/risky behaviors including sex work.

It is concluded that TGs are human beings and granted for equal human rights. It might see to everywhere and everyone regardless their caste, class, occupation, disabilities, religion, region. Thus, the government has to ensure legal frameworks for their identity, social and economical security including special provision for job opportunities, sex reassignment surgery (SRS). Meanwhile, the advocacy and awareness raising activities, enforcement of policies, are also equally crucial for peace, prosperous and just society.


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