Kharels With A Double Offer


July 3, 2011, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol. : 05 No.-2 July 01-2011 (Ashar 17,2068)

Journalist Suman Kharel is popular name in Nepal’s media sector. People from far and near, Nepal and abroad, hear his voice through BBC Nepali Service. Similarly, Situ too is not a new name to Nepalese music sector as her album has already hit the market.

During his 27 years in the media, Kharel has seen many ups and downs in Nepal, particularly in the media sector. Having seen a lot of changes in the Nepali society, he tried his best to describe his journey. Situ’s sole album too is a recent hit.

At a special ceremony in the Army Officer’s Club auditorium in Kathmandu, June 25, the husband-wife duo, Suman and Situ Kharel, launched their book and music album respectively. There was also a concert by Situ after the launch. It is not always that a couple comes up with two different creations at the same event.

Kiran Kharel, father of Suman, launched his book whereas Biju Rimal, the veteran singer and Situ’s father, did the honors of releasing her music album.

Suman is currently the desk editor at BBC Nepali. His book “Radio yatra” is the reflection of his 27 years of experience in radio. Published by Fine Print, the snazzy book also consists of audio CD of the programs which were broadcast by BBC Nepali.

“I really liked the book but it was the audio that was more interesting and I feel this book is the history of the decade of conflict that we all faced,” said senior journalist and Suman’s close friend Durga Nath Sharma.

The book encompasses four interviews and the program series Dwanda ko Dashak (A Decade of Conflict), Prachanda lai Prashna (Questions to Prachanda), Sangeet Yatra (Musical Journey), and Aparichit Patra (Unknown Characters).

“The book is mainly intended for the people who want to study journalism and want to speak in radio,” said the publisher of the book, Ajit Baral.

Situ Kharel, the talented classical pop star, is back in the limelight after nearly three years with her sixth album, “Batas Sangai”. She has been a popular figure in Nepalese music industry for more than a decade. She completed four-year B. Mus. Degree from the Trinity College of Music in London last year and also has three-year Diploma degree in music from the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan in London.

Situ released her first album in 2000 A.D. (Smarika), which was an instant hit. Since then, she has offered four more albums, which were all acclaimed.

Her new music album is produced by SAC music and consists of eight songs penned by her husband and her father-in-law Kiran and Suman Kharel respectively. The music is composed by the experienced music director Prabhu Raj Dhakal. Songs like mero biswaas ma saath huna, batas sangai udyera aau, bairi banyechu, timile sajilai birsiyau, gitai matrai hoon ma, tekna khojchu paila haru are slow and melodious whereas anmol cha jiwan and dherai  bhool maile garye are the average paced tracks in the album. Even though the numbers are mostly slow, they are gripping and leave a strong impact on the listeners.

The album is intriguing and explains about the various aspects of life. The dulcet voice of situ is accompanied by powerful lyrics and interesting classical music consisting of various ragas. “The lyrics were already perfect, I didn’t have to omit or modify a single word to fit in my music, the voice of situ was also perfect match for the lyrics” said the music director.

Proceeds from the book and the album will go to the Nava Jyoti Kendra located at Baluwatar in Kathmandu which is a care center for mentally handicapped children.

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