SAPPROS NEPAL Dedication to Poverty Reduction

SAPPROS-Nepal has made significant contributions in poverty alleviation in Nepal through community mobilization<br>A CORRESSPONDENT

Aug. 23, 2011, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol. : 05 No.-05 Aug. 19-2011 (Bhadra 02,2068)<br>

From constructing rural roads to irrigation canals and supplying locally suitable technologies, SAPPROS-Nepal has supported Nepal’s efforts to reduce poverty in the country.

Started with preliminary projects in Gorkha district in 1991, it is now working in the remote parts of far western and mid-western regions to improve the livelihood of the local people.

Having experiences of working with the government for a significant time, a group of experts under the leadership of Shri Krishna Upadhyay decided to establish SAPPROS-Nepal in 1991 realizing that poverty reduction needed to be the main agenda for development.

SAPPROS believed that there is the need to have the right match between local resources and external support so that the communities did not become over dependent outside their communities.

What began as an action research project on social mobilization in a few villages of Gorkha district in 1991 developed into SAPPROS-Nepal that worked in 25 districts in the past and is currently working in 16 districts of the country.

The main objective of SAPPROS is to implement the poverty reduction program in the country through people's organization, local resource mobilization, participatory planning and process facilitation.

SAPPROS has been able to reach over 235,000 households through activities ranging from literacy to savings mobilization and from drinking water to overall community development. It has promoted and supported different types of self-help groups, user groups, local NGOs, and savings and credit co-operatives.

It has gained experiences on projects with assistance from donors like WFP (Far and Mid Western Development Regions), UNICEF (Far and Mid Western Development Regions), DANIDA (Far Western Development Region), GIZ (Western Development Region), IFAD (Western Development Region), RWSS Fund Board (Western Development Region and Central Development Region), USAID under SIMI (Western Development Region), Winrock (Mid Western Development Region), PAF (Far and Mid Western Development Region) and IDE funded ASHA program (Western Development Region) by creating community organizations as platforms for reducing poverty.

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