“Slight Change In Maoists Will Help Much”


Jan. 30, 2012, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol.: 05 No.-14 Jan. 27-2012 (Magh 13,2068)<BR>

Violence is not a solution to any political problem. We have already seen that violence invites more violence. This is one of the reasons we are trying to follow a peaceful method to end violence in the country.  I don’t think any new agreement is required with the Maoists now. What we have signed in the past are more than adequate to complete the peace process. Once the peace process is complete, we can settle the constitution writing process overnight. I still believe that a slight change in the Maoist behavior can help make a major progress in the peace process and constitution writing. I would like to request the Maoist chairman to abide by the peace process. Due to Maoist behavior, the environment for consensus is gradually weakening.  Peace can be made just by giving something to the Maoists. If  Maoists continue to stall the peace process and don’t withdraw the decision to legitimatize the illegal property confiscated during the insurgency period, Maoists can go to jungle and that will not make any difference to us.

Everything has its limits and Maoists are no exception. If they violate the agreements one after another, we cannot always comply with them.  Due to non-committal attitude of the UCPN-Maoist, Nepali Congress is losing its patience. After singing the 12-point agreement, we have signed several agreements with Maoists. It is unfortunate that they didn’t abide by any.

The recent decision of Maoists to legitimize the confiscated property by Maoists is highly objectionable and a breach of political trust. I would like to warn UCPN-Maoist not to dream the false dream of  legitimatizing the illegal work they committed  during the violent period of insurgency.  The decision to legitimize the illegal action of the Maoist is unacceptable to us. Maoists are not sensible towards the peace and constitution writing processes.

Nepal’s peace process and constitution writing process is under a threat. It is not other political parties but Maoists are responsible for the present crisis.  In the last six years, UCPN-Maoist leaders have signed several agreements but they have never fulfilled them. Nepali Congress, CPN-UML and UCPN-Maoist also signed the seven-point agreement. They expressed the commitment that they will honestly work to complete the peace process. However, they have not shown inner commitments towards integration process which is one of the keys to the peace process. Had Maoists implemented the seven-point agreement honestly, Nepal’s peace process would have completed by now and the constitution writing process would also have chances to come to a logical end. Recent activities and actions of Maoist party have shown that they are not sincere towards the peace process and constitution writing process. Despite signing the agreement, Maoists have rejected the agreement signed to complete the integration process pushing several demands one after another.

I don’t think, if Maoists are not sincere enough to earlier agreements, there is any reason to sign another agreement. After joining the peace process, Maoist leaders have been making every effort to fool the leaders of other political parties. It is unfortunate that they are not trustworthy as political party.  UCPN-Maoist doesn’t mind violating the agreement one after another even when Maoist leader Prachanda has led a committee to propose the deals.

Koirala is President of Nepali Congress. As told to New Spotlight

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