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June 11, 2012, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol.: 06 No. -01 June. 08-2012 (Jestha 26, 2069)<br>

‘Those were the best days of my life…the Summer of ‘69’ sang Bryan Adams in one of his famous 80s hits.

Like Adams, Delhiites would have something to remember about the Summer too, not of ’69 but of 2012. Only not as the best days, but one of the worst days!

The Indian capital has seen one of the warmest summers in recent years with temperature soaring up to 45.6 degree Celsius. While a temperature over forty is not at all new to the  the city-dwellers, the fact that it’s come in May itself has caught people off – guard. Add to that, the blistering Sun and the searing loo has made life even more miserable.  Although there was some respite in the first week of June with some amount of rainfall, the peak summer month is expected to experience even warmer days later on. Thanks to the heavy power demand, power cuts have now become the order of the day, adding to the woes.

Our very own Kathmandu has not been faring that well. Warnings of a harsh summer had already reached my ears as I geared up to get back home for holidays. As soon as I landed, I realized that all that hullaballoo over the heat was actually true to some extent. Though far better than the cruel Delhi heat, summer in K-town seems to getting warmer with every year.  Blame it on global warming or something else, it is getting gradually arduous.

The weather has also become quite a blazing topic on social networking sites. ‘God have mercy on us’ read one of my friends’ statuses on Facebook .  Another said, ‘It actually feels like getting baked in an oven.’ One of the friends mentioned how never before had he witnessed a  summer like this in Kathmandu.

Whatever the complaints, having stayed in Delhi for two years now, I feel blessed to be back in Nepal for summers. The gruesome heat of Delhi makes me realize how we people are a lot more luckier. I absolutely cherish the cool evening breeze and moderately  warm  mornings -- something foreign to Delhiites who are used to sweat be it midnight or noon!  And how could one forget the cooling summer rains which  gives a fresh lease of life to the tiring Kathmandu.

Vibrant and colourful would be two perfect adjectives to characterize the summer in the city. Donning the best of summer collections, it is a treat to see people enjoying themselves in Durbarmarg and tourists chilling in the streets of Thamel. Think that’s possible in Delhi? A walk in the street in the afternoon would require you to put on glasses, a scarf over your face to protect yourself from the loo and oodles of drinking water!

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