A Voter's Perspective On CA’s Death

<br>Abhishekh Adhikari

July 9, 2012, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol.: 06 No.-03 July 06 -2012 (Aashar 22,2069)<BR>

The political developments in the country have everyone thinking about the importance of the constitution, periodical election, federalism, and everything that the country lost due to the expiry of the Constituent Assembly (CA). It is interesting how Nepalese have shown their patience in this time of political crisis. The CA has expired, and there will be an election in the next few months for which every Nepali is excited to cast his/her vote again. Unfortunately, the dilemma is that the leaders are not capable of shouldering the responsibility of the vote that each Nepalese citizen casts during the election. It is embarrassing to the voters to see that those who they thought would deliver fail to deliver.

The sustenance of democracy in Nepal is not because of the political parties and leaders but because of the faith people have in democracy. Nepalese have seen their future and have realized that their dreams will take shape only through democracy and not through the leaders. It is quite a challenge for every Nepali to vote in the election knowing that there is no leader who has the ability to make his/her dream come true.

The political squabbling does not give us development or the infrastructure to develop further. The fight over intricate legal provisions has no meaning for most Nepalese who are struggling to afford the basics of life. Life is becoming harder with every passing day.

Constitutional provisions are meaningful only when they can have a positive impact on the lives of the people. The first thing Nepal needs is a constitution, and then, it has to be implemented to bring about change in the lives of the people. The Constituent Assembly failed to deliver the constitution, and now, there is a silence which worries everyone. The silence means that no one had imagined that the Constituent Assembly would be unable to form a constitution. Slowly people are realizing that their dreams have been shattered. They have wasted their money, energy, and resources on the incompetent leaders who had come before them, asking for votes and promising the delivery of the new constitution, which would reflect the people's aspirations. It is so important, first of all, to see that one can deliver what he has undertaken to do. Then others, who are giving responsibilities, must see it. In our case both failed—the leaders who claimed they could deliver and the people who entrusted them with the duty to deliver. This is an embarrassing situation.

It is definitely true the work undertaken by the Constituent Assembly members was ambitious. Copying what others have done without realizing the ground reality, in all probability, meets what Nepal has met through the failure of the CA.

Whatever might have happened to the Constituent Assembly, democracy gives opportunities to new leaders. Democracy empowers leaders. It brings out the leaders from the very nooks and corners of the country. Some leaders fail while others rise. There is always hope. It is remarkable how the demands of the people have outdone the capability of leaders. It is a sign that new leadership with better vision is the necessity of the day to fulfill the ambitions and longings of people in Nepal.

It is a challenge for experts to show that they are better than the current leaders of the political parties. They could use the resources generated by the Constituent Assembly members and produce a beautiful, or at the least a frame of, the constitution to fill the vacuum that the expiry of the CA has left. The money, resources, and energy spent for four years will have some meaning if done so. The only problem here is to decide who has the authority to give the experts to exploit the resources that the CA members so meticulously collected. Never has such an intense debate and discussions been carried out in Nepal in the past. The new constitution drafted could be presented before the people through referendum for its approval by the people. The constitution will still have the legitimacy and approval of the people. This is what we asked for through the CA. The problem could be political, for our leaders will look bad if the work is accomplished by the experts.

Everyone is in pain looking at the resources spent by the CA without any result. Experts' constitution approved through people's referendum will do justice to the resources and energy spent for the new constitution. It could be a face-saving option for all.

Going to election is definitely a desirable thing, and everyone is definitely excited about it. But first, the expenses made in the drafting of the new constitution have to be accounted for. The money spent during the last four years was the taxpayers' money, both from the Nepalese and their foreign friends alike. As long as the money and resources spent are accounted for, Nepalese citizens will not mind going for periodical election any number of times to exercise democratic values. In fact, the Nepalese are looking forward to giving leaders opportunities by providing them with responsibilities to lead the country in the 21st century. 

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