AIN's General Assembly elects new board

July 10, 2013, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol: 07 No. -2 June 28- 2013 (Ashad 14, 2070)

At a time when the government is working to streamline the role of International and National Non-Governmental Organizations, the Association of International NGOs in Nepal held its general assembly and elected an 11-member new steering committee on board.

The Association of International NGOs (AIN), formed by INGOs working in Nepal in September 1996, is an important network in the development sector of Nepal as members have been implementing various people-centered development programs throughout the hills, mountains and Terai areas. AIN has come together to promote mutual understanding, exchange information and share experiences and learning of our work in Nepal for more effective collaboration.

At present the AIN comprises with 113 INGOs, working on a wide-range of issues and sectors to contribute to development efforts in Nepal. With Ashutosh Tiwari(Country Director, Water Aid Nepal) chairperson, Lex Kassenberg,(Country Director CARE-NEPAL) vice chairperson, Ravindra Shakya(Country DirectorRestless Development) , treasurer and the members include Michael Frank (Country Director, WVI) , Sanjana Shrestha (Country Director READ-Nepal), Simon Lewis (Country Director ADRA-Nepal), Julie Brethfeld (Country Director, Saferworld), David Wright (Country Director, Save the Children), Sangita Nirola (Country Director,Helpage International Nepal)  and Deepak Raj Sapkota (Country Director, Karuna Foundation Nepal) and Shobhana Gurung Pradhan (Director, Britain-Nepal Medical Trust)

“On diverse teams like this, it is always important to get interpersonal chemistry and the collective vision right,” said Chairman Ashutosh Tiwari.



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