Bishowmbher Lal Sharma (B.L SHARMA): An Era Ends

Playing a very important role in the revolution of 1950,Bishombher Lal Sharma or popularly known as B.L Sharma, who died at the age of 91, left a good record of a crucial time in Nepal’s history

Jan. 12, 2015, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol: 08 No. -13 December. 26- 2014 (Poush 11, 2071)

Although he had the full of knowledge of several political developments of Nepal, as he was always part and parcel of political changes, B.L. Sharma, who had long innings in catering and sweets businesses, never boasted about his roles and connections.

For his political role, Sharma was nominated by King Tribhuwan in the Advisory Council of 2008. He had a role in the fall of the government led by Matrika Prasad Koirala in 2009. Due to his intimate relations, King Tribhuwan even shared his car with him.

Although he traditionally came from a family that made sweets, he entered in the aviation business of Nepal as well. He is now known as the icon of Nepal’s modern catering system.  Sharma had seen all the major political changes from up close. 

In his face book wall, former minister and Nepali Congress leader Laxman Ghimire said his contribution in Nepal’s democratic moment was immense. “Since I came to know him in 1991, I appreciate his activeness in his life. He was a legendary figure,” said Ghimire.

Whether they be the monarchs of erstwhile Royall Palace or the president of the current Republic of Nepal, B.L. Sharma remained a reliable person to feed their guests. Sharma even served food at the Prime Minister’s residence in Baluwatar. That way, Sharma maintained good relations with all the key political leaders. Even he was popular among common people.

In the word of Rukma Sumsher Rana, son of late Subarna Sumsher Rana, B L Sharma was as warm and as sweet as his " jalebi".  “His pleasing mannerism was well known as far back as in the days of King Tribhuvan. That’s a very long time to be able serve food from then to now. Many a dignitaries both foreign and national will not easily forget the warm snacks . Goodbye dear friend and god bless,” Rana wrote in Face book commenting  on him.

In his word, former secretary Dr. Dwarika Dhungel term him a legendary of contemporary Nepal.

Although only a few have read his book Rashtrapita Tribhuwan Ra Ma (Father of the Nation Tribhuwan and I), the book, a compilation of the political developments of Nepal during the period of 1950’s political change, is full of insights. Sharma, a sweet shop owner of Indrachowk, helped King Tribhuwan escape from Rana’s custody, paving the way for the revolution of 1951 and ushering a new era in Nepal.

Late Sharma is a father-in-law of businessman Binod Chaudhari. “ He was active till last minute and never looked tired,” said Sharika Chaudhary, daughter of late Sharma and spouse of industrialist Chaudhari.  

The book features players and events of political development of that time.

Although there are still some people alive who saw all the political developments of the last 80 years, Sharma was the last person to closely watch all these events of Nepal. 

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