Korea Returnees Performing Well: Gyawali

Rajeshwor Gyawali is under secretary at the Cabinet Secretariat and now president of KAAN. Gyawali did his Masters in International Trade from Ajou University of Korea. His interview extracts:

Jan. 16, 2015, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol. : 08 No.- 14 January 16 - 2015 (Magh 2, 2071)

How do you differentiate between those who studied in Korea and other countries?

We have not made any study in that light as such. So far as the current level of results is concerned employees who studied in Korea have performed very well in Public Service Commission’s examination. There is an impression in the civil service that the employees are better equipped after receiving training in Korea. This shows that the training and education gained in Korea is high in quality. The subject matters are related to our environment and our needs. The experiences and knowledge gained in Korea help improve the work efficiency. This is what the feedback we are receiving.

How many members are there with KAAN?

We have members who were trained in Korea and learned in Korea. Three are two kinds of members: those who go Korea for their Master's degree and those who visit for short term training. We have 350 members now, out of the 1000-plus who studied in Korea. According to a study, there are over 1100 Nepalese trained in Korea. We are trying to increase members.

What do you contribute in Nepal?

Once an employee returns from a short term or long term training from Korea, he/ she has been showing exceptional improvements in job skills and job ethics. After learning Korean working culture, employees have become more cultured and dedicated to their works. I have seen many employees who returned from Korea playing a role to change the culture back here as well. Our members have been showing better results in various works. We are encouraging other employees to follow work ethics. All our members are working in various ministries.

What is KAAN doing?

We have been doing some routine works. We submit our annual programs to KOICA. Our programs are funded by KOICA. We run health camps, promote volunteer works and host talk programs on various occasions. We also hold retreat programs. We are also planning to self sustain our institutions and hosting orientation sessions for those who are going to Korea. Established in 2001, KAAN became an association to maintain relations between KOICA and the Nepalese who have participated in KOICA’s short / long term Fellowship Programs.



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