Terrorists Attacks In Paris

The casualties are terrifying 130 dead at this moment of whom 80 in the Bataclan, 350 injured, and a whole nation experiencing an exceptional measure of three days of national mourning. Tributes, spontaneous meetings, marks of sympathy dawned all aro

Nov. 27, 2015, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol 09, No 10,November 27,2015 (Mangsir, 11,2072)

On the evening of Friday November 13th - ten months after Charlie Hebdo attacks leaving 11 dead -, France has been hit by six simultaneous terrorists attacks : four Parisian restaurants and bars and Bataclan concert hall in shootings and suicide bombings (a premiere in France) and bombings in the surroundings of the Stade the France arena, hosting this tragic night the symbolical friendly football match France-Germany.

The casualties are terrifying 130 dead at this moment of whom 80 in the Bataclan, 350 injured, and a whole nation experiencing an exceptional measure of three days of national mourning. Tributes, spontaneous meetings, marks of sympathy dawned all around the world (including Kathmandu) in the memory of the victims and to support France. On the political and international level, France quickly asked for a global coalition and reaction against the attacking.

The ennemy is well-known from everyone. The Islamic State – ISIS – organization has, not really suprinsingly, claimed its responsibility of the attacks in a release, which by the inaccuracy seems to have been written before the shootings. Presenting themselves as soldiers of the califate, the terrorists notably explain they attacked Paris as the « capital of abominations and perversion », while seven out of the eight terrorists have died, « bombing themselves after running out of ammunitions » as « martyrs ». ISIS named Islamic State after his will claimed in June 2014 to establish a califate on lands it controls, taking large profit of the instability of Syria and Iraq, has here targeted a living model. The context of the attacks isn’t insignificant. These attacks have been launched in districts where lots of restaurants, bars and cafés, concert and cultural halls welcomes and will welcome the Parisian life, especially the young one; and particularly on a Friday night, when leisure replace the working rituals of the week. This hated liberty is the same that the one targeted in the attacks against the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo. The ones devoted to a cult of death entered in the Bataclan in the middle of a rock concert, only because they cannot stand music, poetry, more largely life. They wanted to touch a living symbol of the French (and Western) life, few weeks after France has declared it would directly attack ISIS in its Syrian and Iraqi bases. In these locations, populations are forced to pray, woman are integraly veiled when they aren’tenslaved, and children are taken to be press-ganged.

The fact is that ISIS isn’t reduced to Syria and Iraq : French President François Hollande used the word « war » to describe the way the country will respond to these attacks, but the problem is these attacks were perpetuated by some French and European citizens, becoming radicalized Islamizes on Internet and being trained during a trip to Syria. The threat is from the inside, and as the situation is critical and the emergency state remains up notably in Belgium (Brussels is locked down) and France, this war on ‘be conventional, as we understand that a war is between two declared armies, with war conventions (Geneva). These radicalized brutes get promised moons and stars in this culture of death and negation, while studies prove that the one who get lost in this spiral of violence are mentally the weaker, sometimes prone to depress and schizophrenia. In a context of global migrant and refugee crisis, first investigations showed that some of the Syrian terrorists in the attacks came with the human flow and had a stop in Greece in refugee camps: France which was especially open to welcome and host thousands of migrants now think twice about this issue: the affirmation of the state authority returns on the first plan in the global structure of European Union.

Today, while some of the assailants and compiles are still wanted, the investigations keep going, and France is in a state of shock asking for revenge, or at least justice. 1200 houses searched since the 13th, 165 people arrested. Many measures have been taken, to protect the country but also prepare the future to avoid any other similar act. Socialist government announced right-wing measures : more losses of French nationality for the radicalized, restoration of the control at the borders – France questions the ability to Islam to be fitting with Republic values, in opposite of the movement taken before, consisting in trying to include Islam, for some at all prices, in the Republic.

The future will see a war defined by the phased in coalition. France is looking for allies, in its friends like USA, as much as countries with common will like Russia, to face a organization hitting in all directions, even if the world opinion doesn’t focus on in equal proportions: Russia (plane crashed on October 31st – 224 dead), Beyrouth (November 12th – 40 dead), Mali (November 20th – 22 dead), Tunisia (November 25th, 11 dead), and so much more.

And at this moment, mentalities in France and Paris keep this war and perpetual peril in mind, trying to find again their daily life as a way to affirm against the invisible enemy; the sad reality of this trouble present and future is that still shines the brutal certitude of future attacks from a culture of nothingness.



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