Gandhi and Associates wants to shift the current legal paradigm by introducing a new vision in Nepal’s legal practices

June 23, 2016, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol:09,No. 23, June 24,2016 (Ashad10,2073)

Specialized in all facets of business law, Gandhi and Associates, provides a comprehensive range of legal services designed to meet clients’ needs, and exceed their expectations.

As one of the experienced and largest law firms in Nepal, Gandhi and Associates is able to draw on a wide base of skills and expertise at all levels of experience and seniority to provide technically correct legal advice that makes business sense.

“Our commitment to strategically sound advice requires that Gandhi and Associate’s practitioners clearly understand client needs in the context of the broader issues at stake. By balancing these dynamics, and by applying our legal expertise, we provide effective, appropriate and efficient advice to solve the challenges our clients face and to help create opportunities that move their enterprises forward,” said Gandhi Pandit, attorney at law and founder of Gandhi and Associates.

With a track record of over three decades in providing legal services, Gandhi and Associates is a premier Nepal based corporate law firm. “Our network of expertise, however, extends much further than the country’s borders. Gandhi and Associates advises clients throughout Nepal, while our working partnership with other law firms around the world gives us access to global network of commercial and corporate law attorneys,” said Gandhi.

Gandhi and Associate’s clients, including multinational corporations and international finance houses, are as diverse as its practice. Local and international clients - including investment banks, industrial conglomerates, financial institutions, governments and state authorities - rely on Gandhi and Associates for insight and advice.

One of the advantages of Gandhi and Associates is that it has diversity in terms of skills, qualifications, interests and backgrounds, but also through a combination of experienced professionals and a large number of younger lawyers. The result is a skilled, enthusiastic, energetic and innovative team that sets Gandhi and Law apart. Superior legal skills and a commitment to integrity, excellence and hard work enable Gandhi and Associates to frequently exceed its clients’ expectations.

A bit about Gandhi Pandit

The founder of Gandhi and Associates, attorney at law Gandhi Pandit, completed his LLB from Tribhuvan University in 1981.  He went to Delhi University to complete the LLM Degree in 1984. Then he came back and started legal practice. In 1990, he went to USA for further study and joined Columbia University, New York, and completed LLM in 1991. He then started working as an attorney till 1996 in New York. Then he came back to Kathmandu and revived his law firm. His law firm now provided a much better service to the public as he offered his assistance on a more personal level. He is now in the process of expanding his law firm with a goal to establish his corporate firm for the corporate sector.

Gandhi and Associates believes that the future holds endless opportunities for both attorney and client and that growth as multicultural firm will be inevitable. You can expect to find attorneys that are willing to listen and turn the result into service excellence through effective problem-solving.

Committed professionals

Gandhi and Associates' collective insight into the business environment and Nepal’s intricate socio-political context is the result of the diversity of its team.

As Nepal is a part of global system with many international investors coming to Nepal, the foremost thing the investors require is to consult with a well equipped and professional law firm to learn about the   investment climate and legal system.

“We want to develop our law firm to cater to the needs of foreign investors in Nepal. Foreign investors of huge sizes are coming to Nepal and what they are looking for is a lawyer with an integrated approach. They don’t want to hire one lawyer for one issue. Such investors want a law office which can provide consultation on all matters,  such as land, tax, policy decision or contract,” said attorney Pandit.

What is now required is that you want to have a legal institution or firm where it manages various portfolios with specialized area and experts on that area. Gandhi and Associates is a full size law firm with three departments, including Litigation Department, Investment Department and INGO and International Department.

Madan Kumar Rimal, who worked over three decades in Social Welfare Council as a senior director, looking at the issue of registration of NGOs and INGOs, heads INGO international Department to help setting up NGOs and INGOs in Nepal.

Litigation department, now expanding, is under senior lawyer and retired chief judge of appellate court Keshab Prasad Mainali. Before joining the judiciary as a judge, he was a prominent lawyer in Pokhara and he has practiced over thirty years. Having a good reputation in litigation in western region, Mainali was a prominent lawyer.

The third very prominent department under our office is International Consulting and Compliances and Drafting. Headed by former law secretary and renowned lawyer having expertise on international law, Raju Man Singh Malla, this department looks after all different issues related to international consulting, compliances and drafting.  Two young UK graduate lawyers Shikhar Pandit and Awas Pandit are working with Malla. They do soliciting work with various clients.

Gandhi and Associates has both good hardware and good software like good lawyers. We are mainly focusing on new and young brain in our office for which we have hired very young law graduates with a skill in research, who are competent and hardworking. “It is a blending of young and old lawyers to provide good services to the client,” said founder Pandit.

Gandhi and Associates is also extending its offices outside Kathmandu. It has already established an office in Pokhara and Butwal and is opening its office in Biratnagar. Gandhi and Associates is developing a system where everyone can see their future and hope for future.


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