PASSPORT Ten Minutes

With the efforts of the Department of Passport, service seekers can now get their passports in ten minutes.

July 8, 2016, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol.09,No. 24, July 08,2016, Ashad 24,2073)

Although one has to sleep the whole night to get an application firm for driving license at the Department of Transport Management and one needs to spend more than that just to get an application form for Korean Examination EPS, the Department of Passport has shown that a quick service delivery is possible by just changing certain modalities.

Headed by Lok Bahadur Thapa, who has been recommended as the ambassador for South Africa, the Passport Department has already introduced a system under which a person can get the passport within a day. Under the system, a Nepali citizen can get an MRO within a day of submission of his application. However, he has to pay Rs.15, 000.00.

Deputy prime minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Kamal Thapa launched the scheme handing over an MRP to Chandrakala Bhudhathoki of Dhanauri of Dang within 10 minutes.

For those who want to procure MRP within two days, one has to pay Rs 12,000 each. Likewise, if one is ready to wait for three days, s/he can pay Rs 10,000. Earlier, it would take a week to procure an MRP by paying Rs 10,000.

The Department of Passport under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the service seekers can get MRPs from their respective District Administration Offices within five to 15 days by paying Rs 5,000 for the same. Earlier, it would take one month to get an MRP through the normal process.

The Department also launched a live enrollment system. Under the new system, a service seeker can fill out a digital application form from anywhere in their place of convenience, but they have to appear in person at the Department within 21 days for signature and cross-verification of their details.

Their digital details will get deleted automatically after 21 days of the submission of the application form. Director General Thapa has shown that the system can change given personal commitment.


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