Nepal Army Security Concern

Nepal Army’s regular conference of Division Commanders discusses the overall security situation of the country

Dec. 3, 2016, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol 10. No. 8,December. 02,, 2016 Mangsir 17,2073)

As a premier national security agency of the country, it is an important constitutional obligation of Nepal Army to assess the security situation and its implications for the country and prepare for dealing with any situation.

Like for any security force of the country, it is natural for Nepal Army to be alert and prepared all the time, holding various exercises, conferences and meetings. These regular and formal events are no matter to worry about. However, a section of people always plays up the regular meetings of the security agencies to raise the alarm bells and create confusions.

The media coverage of the recently concluded 'Division Commanders' Conference 2073' is no different in that respect. The headlines were so much sensational that they struck the common people.

Inaugurated by Minister for Defense Bal Krishna Khand, the 2-day event was formally concluded by Chief of the Army Staff (COAS) General Rajendra Chhetri amid a program organized at Army Headquarters.

Addressing the conference, Defense Minister Khand lauded the relentless efforts made by the Nepalese Army in ensuring the nation's security. He also praised the Army for the determination it showed in national development despite having the limited resources. “The contribution of Nepalese Army in maintaining international peace is incredible,” said minister Khand.

With the political disorder, threat for another agitation by various political groups and rising anti-state armed groups, the overall security scenario is in a crucial phase, as it threatens the life of the common people.

Organized with the sole responsibility for national security, this kind of regular information sharing and security exercise of the top brass will enhance the capability of the Army.

“This kind of exercise is essential part of any army of the world. After analyzing the situation and discussing closely the scenario, Nepal Army can plan the security strategy,” said a security analysis. “This is just a regular meeting.”

On the final day of the conference, heads of the departments, directors, director generals and division commanders of the respective divisions briefed on the current situation, activities and challenges experienced within their respective area of responsibility (AOR) followed by an interaction session.

The two-day conference was attended by Chief of the Army Staff, Chief of General Staff, Chief of Staff, Principal Staff Officers, Divisional Commanders and other general officers of Nepalese Army.

Welcomed by Chief of General Staff (CGS) Lt Gen Baldev Raj Mahat, the conference focused on the internal security situation of the country and suggested ways to make it robust.

COAS General Chhetri reportedly directed the top military brass to be cautious and alert over the country’s overall internal situation while defending the interest of the nation and people.

“This is a regular meeting of Nepal Army. We have been holding this kind of annual conference to share and discuss the internal security situation of the country for a long time,” said spokesperson of Nepal Army Brigadier General Tara Bahadur Karki.

As the oldest institution with an organized and disciplined force, Nepal Army is the only force to defend Nepal’s independence with the capability to rescue life of the people at the time of natural calamities. From operations in Nepal to international peacekeeping, Nepal Army has been able to retain its professional standard because of its organizational working pattern. The recently-concluded high level meeting was part of this exercise.



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