Renault Launches The Lowest Ever EMI offer KWID and Duster

Renault Launches The Lowest Ever EMI offer KWID and Duster

Dec. 20, 2016, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol.10, No.9, December. 16, 2016 (Poush 01,2073)

Renault’s authorized distributor in Nepal, Advanced Automobiles Pvt. Ltd (part of Vishal Group) has launched 'Renault Winter Super Celebration offer' in its DUSTER and KWID. The tagline of the offer reads 'Heat up your winter with the lowest ever EMI starting from Rs. 27,999 per month for DUSTER and Rs. 12,999 per month for KWID.' The offer started from December 15, and is most likely to stay till late winter.


The other highlights of the offer are— if customers want to get the vehicle financed then the interest rate are set at 6.99 per cent per annum, and they are guaranteed to get cash discount on every purchase. Also, customers get benefit of free road tax and 2 years free service.  The car comes with two year warranty. Customers looking to exchange their old car for the new KWID get Rs. 30,000 exchange bonus.


According to a press release issued by Nitin Regmi/Shreya Joshi senior Executive, Department of Public Relations, Prisma Advertising Pvt. Ltd, Renault DUSTER —adynamic and modern SUV that has been designed and developed by Renault’s global teams, making it a truly international vehicle comes with a new front exterior design combined with enhanced interior comfort and practically.  In addition, a range of advanced technological features have been included to deliver the highest level of satisfaction during every single journey.


Renault KWID—a game-changer compact hatchback that has been designed and developed by Renault’s global teams, making it a truly international car. Renault KWID has been a great success which revolutionized the compact hatchback segment, creating a new era in automotive history. The global launch of the KWID was a progressive step by Renault to pursue its strategy of accessible mobility for all and was a step up in its international growth strategy.


Renault is a French multinational automobile manufacturer that marked its entry into the Nepal market last month by associating with one of the largest business group, Vishal Group. Advanced Automobiles Private Limited (part of Vishal Group) is currently offering Renault’s segment defining cars DUSTER and KWID in Nepal.


About Groupe Renault

Groupe Renault has been making cars since 1898. Today it is an international multi-brand group, selling more than 2.8 million vehicles in 125 countries in 2015, with 36 manufacturing sites, and employing more than 120,000 people. To meet the major technological challenges of the future and continue its strategy of profitable growth, the Group is harnessing its international development and the complementary fit of its three brands, Renault, Dacia, and Renault Samsung Motors, together with electric vehicles, the Alliance with Nissan, and its partnerships with AVTOVAZ and Daimler.

About Vishal Group

Vishal Group is one of the largest business groups in Nepal involved in various business activities such as banking, insurance, hydropower, cement, iron and steel, brewery, hotels and resorts, and distribution. The Group has a history of over 50 years in business activities in Nepal. The Group has received various awards and letters from various government departments appreciating their work. The Group is the importer and distributor for various multinational brands in Nepal.


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