KL Dugar launches Maize Atta, Maize Grit and Lito in the market

KL Dugar launches Maize Atta, Maize Grit and Lito in the market

May 16, 2017, 1:16 p.m.

KL Dugar group, manufacturer of popular wheat flour brand "Gyan Chakki Atta" has launched of Gyan Maize Atta, Gyan Maize Grit and Gyan Lito in the market. It's available in all major department stores and local general stores in 5 kg and 2 kg packs.

Gyan maize Atta, made from clean and yellow/white maize grains selected from the best farms, Processed and equipped with state of the art manufacturing unit to produce high quality Gyan Maize Atta. Our highly experienced quality experts ensures the quality and taste on different parameters and assures that the product is best to consume. The Gyan Maize Atta is rich in Dietary Fiber and Protein; it is low in fat & sodium and is gluten free. Nutrients of Gyan Maize Atta are beneficial to the heart. Maize atta is third most consumable flour after rice and wheat flour.

Gyan Maize Grit is a healthy product prepared from best quality maize in a most sophisticated state of the art manufacturing unit in a very healthy environment. This product has an inherent pleasant maize flavor and is low in fat, sodium, gluten free and rich in dietary fiber. Gyan maize grit is served as a tasty porridge snack or main course with vegetables and also can be used in the preparation of dishes.

Gyan Premium Lito is a cereal based fortified food prepared from pre extrusion cooked wheat, rice, soya together with whole milk powder, sugar, corn oil and fortified with 16 vitamins and micronutrients. This healthy and nutritious, palatable product is relished as a tasty porridge to kids over 6 months. This can also be served to people suffering from malnutrition and micronutrients deficiency disorders.

KL Dugar group is committed to produce high quality products with state of the art technology in a very hygiene working environment to ensure the health of both the consumers and employees working inside.

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