Newly appointed German ambassador to Nepal Roland Schafer sees German-Nepal relations are unique

Oct. 25, 2017, 8:25 a.m. Published in Magazine Issue: VOL.11, No.07, October 27- 2017 (Kartik 10, 2074)

Since Prince Waldemar of Prussia, the first German tourist to visit Nepal in February-March 1845, when Mathbar Singh Thapa was the prime minister, Germans, including diplomats, have shown great interest in Nepal.

With a long diplomatic career, having worked in the most difficult parts of the world, one of which is Colombia, newly appointed German ambassador to Nepal Roland Schafer chose Nepal from a list of countries for his latest assignment. Ambassador Shafer had visited Nepal twenty years ago as a tourist.

Schafer, who has been a diplomat of European Union, representing German government, for a long time, said: “I chose Nepal, perceiving that Nepal is a complex country with a long history.”

Having played an important role in Colombian Peace Process as an ambassador of European Union to Colombia, ambassador Schafer said that Nepal achieved so much in the peace process, including the constitution written in 10 years and election set in record time with forty percent of women elected at the local level.

In an interaction with a group of media persons, German Ambassador to Nepal Schafer said that Nepal has made an amazing journey from war to peace. “It gives me a great hope for this country. We want this country to be successful and we want to see democracy in this country to be successful. I want to be an interested observer to see a new phase of Nepal,” said ambassador Schafer, who has presented his credentials to President Bidya Bhandari.

“Germany continues to support Nepal’s development efforts as in the past.  Despite making many signs of progress, the peace process of Nepal is yet to finish. Nepal has to climb a high mountain. We can support Nepal in health insurance, renewable energy, promotion of export-oriented products like herbal. I have an open heart and open mind. I am confident that things can go better in Nepal,” said the ambassador.

“Germany sits in the middle of the European Union. EU works as a country and our support to Nepal in both ways, through our own and through the European Union. Germany attaches a great importance to its relations with Nepal,” said the ambassador.

According to a book The First Geman To Visit Nepal, Since Father Johannes Grueber, SJ, who came to Nepal as early as 1966 AD, a first German to visit Nepal, tens of thousands of German tourists have visited Nepal over time. Their love and attraction towards Nepal should only be growing. During the earthquakes of 2015, German citizens sent all kinds of support to victims in Nepal.

In an interaction lasting almost an hour and a half, the newly appointed German ambassador to Nepal reiterated his commitment to the country while also showing his personal attachment.

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