Pakistan Is Fully Committed To SAARC: Pak PM Abbasi

Pakistan Is Fully Committed To SAARC: Pak PM Abbasi

March 6, 2018, 5:12 p.m.

Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, Prime Minister of Pakistan has said peace, security and mutual friendship were essential for the prosperity of South Asia.

In his address to a program organized at the Kathmandu-based SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation) Secretariat before leaving for home, the Pakistani Prime Minister who arrived here yesterday on the two-day official visit, aid Pakistan has undivided belief in the SAARC objectives, ideologies and principles. "Pakistan is fully committed to the SAARC Charter."

Stating that secured peaceful environment was imperative for economic development and prosperity in the region, he pledged all possible support, on behalf of the Pakistan Government, for peace and economic progress in the region through the means of SAARC.

On the occasion, the Pakistani Prime Minister planted a sapling of Dhupi (cryptomeria) on the premises of Secretariat and watered the plant.SAARC visit 3.jpg

Likewise, viewing Summit of SAARC as its highest institutional organ, SAARC General Secretary Amjad B Sial said, "the holding of its Summit will provide renewed impetus to the SAARC process. Therefore, it is highly desirable that its Summit should be held every two years, as decided by the leaders during the Eighteenth Summit."

Expressing his gratitude to the current Chair of SAARC and the host of the Headquarters, Nepal, and other Member States for their continued valuable support to the SAARC Secretariat, he said Pakistan had been playing a commendable role in the attainment of the objectives of SAARC and had already hosted two Summits.

Referring to then President of Sri Lanka, the founding member of SAARC, who nine years ago visited the SAARC Secretariat and planted a tree sapling on its premises, he said there is a tradition for the Heads of the Nations\governments of a member country to visit the Secretariat.

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