Karuna Foundation Nepal Launches Painting And Music Of Amir Bomjan (Photo Features)

Karuna Foundation Nepal Launches Painting And Music Of Amir Bomjan (Photo Features)

Nov. 30, 2018, 4:38 p.m.

At a time when different organizations have been celebrating the international disability day on their own, Karuna Foundation Nepal has celebrated the day launching painting and music release program of Amir Bomjan and Laxmi Bhakta Bhasim.

During the program, four video music of Amir Bomjan displayed in the program along with his painting exhibition.

According to Karuna Foundation Nepal, Amir Bomjon is an 18-year-old boy from a remote mountainous village in Nepal. He is an artist by birth: paints beautifully, writes powerful songs and poems, all using his mouth. He is a great singer too and a good orator. His love towards life, people and mother earth is unchallengeable. Human beings can meet any challenges and overcome it and Amir could be one such young individual who has demonstrated this. The reason Amir paints with his mouth is because he was born without functioning arms and legs.

Karuna Foundation Nepal met him after the disastrous earthquake of April 2015 in his village, in a very poor condition, during the process of identifying children with disabilities and their families who were affected by the earthquake. Over three years have passed since the earthquake, and Amir has established himself as a the true icons in Nepal, setting new milestones, emerging as a role model.

Although he is physically disabled, Amir Bomjan is mentally much better than other normal person. This is what he has shown today at a program. Painting and signing is his favorite habit,

Organized by Karuna Foundation Nepal to celebrate the international disability day, two persons with disability Bomjan and Laxmi Bhakta Bhasim have expressed their feelings through the paintings.

Thanks to Karuna Foundation Nepal, these two persons with disability get exposure. “I am grateful to Foundation and its Executive Director Dipak Raj Sapkota for this opportunity,” said Bomjan.

Bhasim also hailed the role of Karuna Foundation giving him opportunity to be a part of the program. Govinda Adhikary, chairperson of the foundation delivered a vote of thanks.

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