Rehabilitation Of Flood Victims A Priority: Home Minister Thapa

Rehabilitation Of Flood Victims A Priority: Home Minister Thapa

July 18, 2019, 8:17 a.m.

Minister of Home Affairs Ram Bahadur Thapa Badal said that the government is working to prevent the flood and inundation problems in Rautahat. He said that the government will allocate necessary budget to rehabilitate the flood victim and provide them necessary support for rehabilitation.

As the casualty from the recent flood reached to 89 with 31 missing, the government agencies are yet to reach at most affected district like Rautahat.

At a time when flood victims have been complaining about the lack of relief materials, a high level team inspected the flood and water inundation areas of province 2. However, they did not meet the victims.

After being displaced from their homes, majority of families are now living in the open areas in their makeshift tents. The floodwaters have receded in the Rautahat and other areas but many people are yet to return to their homes because they were swept away.

A high level government team consists of Deputy Prime Minister and minister of Health Upendra Yadav, former Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal and Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa and other high level government officials returned from flood affected region without meeting the victims.

अाज गृहमन्त्री रामबहादुर थापा 'बादल'ले बाढी, पहिरोले पुर्याएको क्षति, राहत तथा उद्धारकाे अवस्थाबारे बुझ्ने क्रममा जनकपुरमा बोल्नुभएको कुरालाई केही मिडियाले ताेडमाेड गरि प्रकाशन/प्रशारण गरेकाे देखियो । उहाँले बाेलेको भिडियाे यहाँ राखेकाे छु ।

Posted by Kiran Bhattarai on Wednesday, July 17, 2019

The team inspected the flood and inundated affected various districts of Province 2. During the inspection visit, they also visited most affected Rautahat district. However, they did not meet the victims and inspected from helicopter. The team was briefed by the local officials regarding the state of the district.

Rautahat is a home district of former Prime Minister Nepal. Chief District Officer of Rautahat Kiran Thapa said that the team did not meet people because there were no places to land helicopter. “As par the district security committee, we advise team to make air inspections,” said Kiran Thapa.

Talking to BBC Nepali Service, Nepal chief District Officer Thapa said that they have been providing relief materials.

Photo courtesy: Dessanchar

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