Miyamoto Strengthens Asia Presence To Build Disaster Resilience

Miyamoto Strengthens Asia Presence To Build Disaster Resilience

Aug. 11, 2019, 12:04 p.m.

Visited a few weeks after the great earthquake in Nepal aiming to provide technical advice, CEOof Miyamoto International Dr. Kit Miyamoto discussed with business community, government officials and experts in Kathmandu about the need to make infrastrucures disaster prone.

At a time when over eighty percent of newly built housings were one or other way damaged by the Gurkha eathquake, participatints quietly heart Dr. Miyamoto's suggestions and expertise to retrofiting of such infrastrctures.

As the country like Nepal which is at the stage of infrastrucure devleopment, there require more information on structural engineering and disaster risk reducion.

Miyamoto International, a structural engineering disaster risk reduction firm, is strengthening its Asia presence with Elizabeth Petheo as the Regional Representative based in Bangkok, Thailand. Petheo, formerly Miyamoto’s Washington, D.C. representative, will continue to advance the firm’s building resilience and disaster risk reduction programs and partnerships.

“For more than 15 years, we have contributed to both development and humanitarian assistance efforts in Indonesia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Nepal, India and other countries,” said Sabine Kast, International Programs Director. “This will help us provide key disaster mitigation and preparedness support to countries and communities in the region.”

Miyamoto provides resiliency expertise that sustains industries and prioritizes solutions that limit damage, business interruption and loss of life. The firm has 25 offices in 12 countries worldwide. Miyamoto’s Washington, D.C. office remains strong with both robust global and Latin America and Caribbean program leadership.

"We are passionate about working in regions vulnerable to disasters to positively impact economies and save lives,” said Miyamoto CEO Dr. Kit Miyamoto.

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