Radison Hotel organises Lucknowi Food Festival 2019

Sept. 30, 2019, 2:21 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: VOL 13 NO 05 ,Sep.27 –17 Oct., 2019(Ashoj 10, 2076) Online Register Number DOI 584/074-75 Editor: Sarita Poudel

With some bitter memories and some good, Nepal and Lucknow have maintained historically long connections. The food of Lukcnow has fairly been well known in all Nepalese kitchens, particularly Kabab and Pulau are commonly served as lunch in many Nepalese households.

After Jung Bahadur Rana returned from his visit to Lucknow, he also brought many foods from there. Muslim cooks specialized in the rich Mughlai tradition and divulged their secrets to the bajais. Along with Kabab, there also came sekuwa, barbequed meat.

Reminding the historical importance of Lucknow Food, Swami Vivekananda Cultural Center of Indian Embassy and Radisson Hotel Kathmandu hosted the Lucknowi Food Festival at The Fun Café, Radisson Hotel, Kathmandu, from 6th September 2019-15th September 2019 to promote Lucknowi cuisine to local and international guests.

Inaugurated by Ambassador of India to Nepal Manjeev Singh Puri and General Manager of Hotel Radisson, Kathmandu, Subrata Banerjee, the food festival brought new food taste to Kathmandu.

Attended by various ambassadors based in Kathmandu, Indian ambassador to Nepal Puri highlighted the importance of specialty Lucknowi foods. He said that the foods represent past legacy of Mughal empire.

The eventful festival provided Lucknowi cultural demonstration comprising of cultural performances of Lucknowi Gharanas on the opening date of the festival and Lucknowi attired staff to welcome the guest, and so much more.

General Manager of Hotel Radisson, Kathmandu Subrata Banerjee said that the Hotel has been promoting various foods holding the food festivals. "This is a great time to link foods and culture.

With Master Chef Shabir Ali from Radisson, Lucknow, we are determined to outdo the Lucknowi gastronomy in terms of taste, flavor, presentation and overall delight. The buffet layout by our chefs will purposefully serve finest dishes for the ultimate wholesome feast.

Utpal Kumar Mondal, Executive Chef of Radisson Hotel Kathmandu, said that Master Chef Sahabir is a world class Chef with wide experiences in Lucknowi food. He said that he will offer a world class food during the festival.

He said that there will be Biryani and Kabab with special ingredients of Lucknowi Gharana. Master Chef Shabir Ali from Radisson Lucknow said that he will cook various foods with a special taste.

From 7th September 2019- 15th September 2019, festival promoted for dinner at The Fun Café. Star items of the festival were Gosht Galouti Kebab, Murgh Banno Kebab, Paneer Anjeer Ki Seekh, Kareli Nehari, Gucchi Murgh, Makai Shahzadi, Gosth Dum Biryani, Sheermal, Nawabi Zarda, Shahi Tukda and many more. The price of the Lucknowi buffet is Nrs. 1999 + 24.3 % Taxes.

Food connects history, culture, civilizations and nations. This Lucknowi foods also connect Nepal and India very much. Organizing the food festival, Radison Hotel contributed towards this end.

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