LOCAL POLLS Nepali Congress Lead

Despite losing its candidate in Kathmnadu, NC stands atop securing victory in 196 local levels

May 23, 2022, 1:01 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: VOL. 15, No. 19, May.20,2022 (Jestha 06. 2079) Publisher and Editor: Keshab Prasad Poudel Online Register Number: DOI 584/074-75

As it expected, Nepali Congress Party has swept the local level elections taking the advantage of making alliance with Maoist Center and CPN-UML Unified Socialist.

Compared to the last local elections, Nepali Congress leads over 80 more municipalities and rural municipalities. Similarly, Maoist Center has also gained much in the local elections compared to the last elections due to the alliance with Nepali Congress.

Although the alliance and main opposition party are competing all over Nepal, an independent candidate Balen Shah is close to clinch victory defeating their leaders in Mayoral position in the capital city.

Losing many seats to Nepali Congress, Maoist Center and breakaway faction led by Madhav Kumar Nepal, CPN-UML led by KP Sharma Oli is at a big loss as it has lost many seats of chairman and vice chairman. In the last local elections, CPN-UML had almost swept, capturing over two thirds of the seats, including two Metropolitan Cities, Kathmandu and Pokhara Lekhnath.

Nepali Congress (NC) has won so far in 225 Mayoral and 213 deputy mayoral positions of local units of 753 under the local elections held on May 13. Similarly, NC has been leading in 60 municipalities and 29 rural municipalities as per the counting that is underway while writing this.

“This is the victory of the people and democracy. The winning of over two-third seats by alliance is indication of failure of main opposition,” thundered Nepali spokesperson Dr. Prakash Sharan Mahat. “Our alliance will continue for national elections as well.”

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CPN (UML) has won in 29 municipalities and 91 rural municipalities. CPN (UML), the major opposition party to the coalition government, is leading in 45 municipalities and 30 rural municipalities. So far, UML candidates have been elected deputy mayor in 145 municipalities and vice-chairperson in 151 rural municipalities.

CPN (Maoist Center) candidates have won in total 85 local units- 11 municipalities and 74 rural municipalities. The coalition party has been leading in 13 municipalities and 14 rural municipalities. The center has won 98 head and 103 deputy mayors.

CPN (Unified Socialist) has won in two rural municipalities with 9 mayor and 16 deputy mayors. One of the five-party coalition partners, CPN (Unified Socialist) is leading in 8 local units in ongoing vote counting. So far, the party candidates have won in chairperson post in five rural municipalities.

Similarly, Janta Socialist party won 9 mayors and 17 deputy mayors followed by RPP 2 mayor and 4 deputy mayors. Others secured 16 mayors and 7 deputy mayors.

NC Emerges Major Party

Ruling Nepali Congress has emerged as the biggest party from the local polls, as it has already won the key posts in the largest number of local bodies while its candidates are leading in more local levels.

Vote count is progressing and the NC has won 221 local units and maintained lead in 78 while the UML has won 138. Likewise, it won the post of deputy mayor in 56 municipalities and deputy chair in 155 rural municipalities.

According to the data provided by the Election Commission, ruling NC has secured mayoral posts in 69 municipalities and chairpersons in 152 rural municipalities.

The main opposition CPN-UML, which had emerged as the largest party winning 294 local units in the 2017 local poll, is trailing behind the NC.

The CPN-UML has won the post of chief in 138 local bodies, including 39 municipalities and 99 rural municipalities. The UML candidates have been elected deputy mayors in 47 municipalities and deputy chair in 97 rural municipalities.

Likewise, the ruling coalition partner CPN (Maoist Centre) has won the mayoral posts in 14 municipalities and deputy mayors in 21. It has secured chairs and deputy chairs in 81 rural municipalities.

“Despite massive mobilization of all forces against our party by coalition alliance, CPN-UML has made good progress in the local polls. We have certain reservation over the process where the cadres of ruling alliance used all kinds of means to defeat our candidates,” said Pradeep Gyawali. “We will come out with our reactions after taking stock overall.”

The CPN (Unified Socialist) has been able to win mayors in three municipalities and deputy mayors in five municipalities. Candidates of the ruling coalition partner, Janata Samajwadi Party-Nepal (JSP-N) have been elected as chairs and deputy chairs in 11 rural municipalities.

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Candidates of other parties have been elected as mayor in seven and deputy mayor in three municipalities and chairpersons in 16 and deputy chairs in 17 rural municipalities.

Likewise, NC candidates have been elected chairs in 2,099 wards, UML in 1,626 wards, CPN (MC) in 884 wards, JSP-N in 172 and others in 444 wards.

CPN (Maoist Centre), CPN (Unified Socialist), Janata Samajwadi Party-Nepal and Loktantrik Samajwadi Party Nepal are trailing behind the NC and the UML. The Rastriya Prajatantra Party is also leading in some municipalities and wards.

The ruling coalition partners CPN (Maoist Centre) and the JSP-N are likely to emerge as the third and fourth largest parties.

CPN (Unified Socialist) is likely to emerge as fifth largest party from the local polls.

The ruling alliance has made a major gain in the local poll. Maoist center is a major beneficiary at the cost of main opposition party CPN-UML compared to the last elections. The trend of local elections has shown that the alliance worked in local level despite rebellion in some areas.

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