Israeli Embassy, METC And School Support Group organized A Workshop On Pedagogical Innovations

Workshop on “Pedagogical Innovations” for Educators of Nepal

Aug. 26, 2022, 3:32 p.m.

The educational workshops on “Pedagogical Innovation”, held on the 15 to 26 of August, for 78 educators in Nepal included directors, principals and teachers of various schools in Kathmandu valley and Dhading district.

The Embassy of Israel and METC – MASHAV Educational Training Center Israel together with School Support Group, organized the workshop in Kathmandu valley from 15 to 22 of August.

Similarly, Nalang Model Academy collaborated with the Embassy of Israel in Nepal and METC to conduct the workshop in Nalang, Dhading from 23 to 26 of August. Both workshops aimed to provide new tools and knowledge on the implementation and development of Innovation in educational organizations, according to the principles of innovation.

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During the Closing Ceremony at Nalang, Salikram Jamkattel, Minister for Economic Affairs and Planning, Bagmati Province said, “Education plays a pivotal role in this modern world. Without development in education, there is not a possibility of development in other sectors. “I thank the Embassy of Israel for the cooperation in educational sector in the remote area of Nepal.”

Sunita Dangol, Deputy Mayor of Kathmandu said, “the one who works with children never gets old. We really appreciate all the teachers for their incredible work to make the children of today, better citizens of tomorrow. We are looking forward to collaborate with the teachers to bring uniformity in quality of education and development of children.”

Emphasizing on the importance of Education in the development of a country, Hanan Goder, Ambassador of Israel to Nepal, said, “Education is the first step for Change. Investing in education will bring Nepal and any other country the best achievements.”

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Yudith Rosenthal, the Director of METC and a trainer in Education has facilitated the workshops. Rosenthal has a rich experience of three decades in education development and in leading training activities. Expressing her contentment on the opportunity to share her knowledge, Ms. Rosenthal said, “Innovative education is the key for transformation in our world. It is our responsibility to do it through well-being of the educational ecosystem”.

Expressing happiness to participate in the workshop, Dr. Januka Nepal, Principal of Neel Barahi Secondary School said, “The training was very fruitful. I believe that now I can adopt innovative ways of teaching, to make our class active and participatory. It centered on critical thinking and future thinking, which made us learn ‘how to learn’, teaching ‘how to teach’. I loved the term ‘Banking Concept’ along with different approaches. I am really pleased and privileged for attending this training as a participant.”

The Embassy of Israel in Nepal appreciates the educators’ commitment for excellence in education. We strongly believe that the workshop was a fruitful learning experience and deepened the professional expertise of Nepal’s educators, leading to promote students success.

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*Note: MASHAV is part of Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is Israel’s Agency for International Development Cooperation. MASHAV is dedicated to share the best of Israel’s experiment in development and planning with developing countries. More than 3000 Nepalese have been to Israel so far to participate in different MASHAV Courses related to education, agriculture, health, entrepreneurship among many others. Approximately 3,50,000 people around the globe have graduated from MASHAV Courses in Israel in the past 64 years.

*METC is MASHAV’s Education Training Center leading educational training activities.

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