Mountain Clean-up Campaign 2023 Collects Over 34,166 Kgs of Waste

Mountain Clean-up Campaign 2023 Collects Over 34,166 Kgs of Waste in Just 45 Days

May 27, 2023, 9:13 a.m.

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The Mountain Clean-up Campaign 2023, led and coordinated by the Nepali Army has successfully concluded the halfway mark of waste collection from four mountains including Mt. Everest, Mt. Lhotse, Mt. Annapurna, and Mt. Baruntse. The noble cause has seen the collaboration of several organizations, with The Coca-Cola Foundation as the major donor partner for the campaign. This is one of the largest mountain cleanup programs in the world, the campaign commenced on 28th March and will close on 5th June.

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Every year, hundreds of climbers, Sherpas, and high-altitude porters make their way to Everest, leaving behind tons of both biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste along the way to the highestpeaks, leading to a challenging waste management problem in the mountains.

The campaign team comprises a total of 97 dedicated members which includes Nepali Army personnel and Sherpa supporters. The team had to endure extremely harsh weather conditions which slowed the clean-up efforts and so far, has collected 34,166Kgs of waste from the four mountains.

The waste retrieved from the mountains comprises empty oxygen canisters, abandoned tents, food containers, plastics, glass, aluminum, and electronic gadget waste among others. The campaign team continues to complete the campaign with the aim of collecting 35,000 Kgs of waste from the mountains this year.

Speaking on the ongoing Clean-up campaign, the Campaign Director, Brigadier General Sundar Kumar Pandey of the Mountain Clean-up Campaign 2023 shared, “The Mountain Clean-up Campaign with a noble cause to preserve the sanctity of the Himalayas. Compared to past years this year we experienced harsher weather conditions during the campaign which led to a number of team members falling behind due to health issues. This also resulted in more evacuations for the safety of the team members. Despite the challenging weather and high-risk situations, the sheer dedication of the team has kept us moving forward towards our goal. The experts and Nepali Army teamed up with the Sherpas, medical officers, rescue operators, high altitude porters as well as local communities which enabled us to collect and bring back the waste not just from the usual route and camps but from all the areas that accumulated waste."

The Mountain Clean-up Campaign is an initiative led by the Nepali Army and various stakeholders, aimed at protecting the environment of the Himalayas and minimizing the effects of climate change. The campaign is currently in its fourth series, and The Coca-Cola Foundation has been a major donor partner for four consecutive years.

This year, the campaign's theme is "An endeavor to save the Himalayas," reflecting the collective responsibility of all stakeholders to protect the mountains' delicate ecosystem. The teams are working in close coordination with local government bodies, stakeholders, and partners to ensure the effective and efficient collection of waste from the targeted four mountains.

Speaking on the ongoing Clean-up Campaign, Mr. Anand Mishra, founder and President of Creasion and one of the key partners of Cleaning Campaign shared, “Mountain waste poses a significant challenge in Nepal, greatly diminishing the splendor and significance of our majestic peaks. I firmly believe that the Mountain Clean-up Campaign is an immensely valuable endeavor, effectively tackling the issue of waste in the mountains while simultaneously raising awareness about this pressing matter. It is our collective responsibility as citizens to attend to the waste in these pristine landscapes.


CREASION has taken up the crucial role of co-processing and recycling the collected waste, to ensure its appropriate utilization and fostering sustainable justice for waste management. I am proud and honored to be a part of this extraordinary initiative. The phenomenal effort of everybody involved in this campaign to collect and retrieve waste is truly commendable.”

After collecting the waste, the teams will hand it over to the recycling partner for further processing, as part of the campaign's efforts to promote sustainable waste management practices. Until now,waste collected from Mt. Annapurna and Mt.Baruntsehave been handed over to the recycling partner.

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To raise awareness and encourage public engagement, the Mountain Clean-up Campaign has utilized digital screens in cities including Kathmandu,Lalitpur,Pokhara and Bharatpur to showcase its ongoing efforts in cleaning the mountains. A final celebration event will be held in Kathmandu to commemorate the campaign's success upon reaching the goal of collecting 35 tons of waste. The campaign will conclude on 5th June, coinciding with the World Environment Day, emphasizing the importance of collective action in preserving the environment for future generations.

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