Korea And Nepal Share Cultural Aspects: Ambassador Park Tae-young

Korea Culture Night 2023 Is An Important Event: Ambassador Park Tae-young

Nov. 23, 2023, 12:13 p.m.

The Embassy of the Republic of Korea organized the 2023 Korean Culture Night in Kathmandu on November 22. The event featured Korean cuisine, traditional games, a hanbok experience, a quiz, and demonstrations of Kpop and Taekwondo.

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In his welcome speech, Ambassador Park Tae-young emphasized that cultural exchange is a crucial factor in fostering mutual understanding between nations. "Moreover, Ambassador Park Tae-young highlighted that Nepal and Korea share numerous cultural similarities including Buddhism, food, and family values. He expressed his fascination with the richness of Nepali culture.

The Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Nepal has been organizing the Korean Culture Night annually since 2014 to exhibit different aspects of Korean culture with Nepali people.

As is well known, the Korean Wave, or Hallyu, has evolved into a worldwide cultural phenomenon." Nepal shows a considerable interest in various Korean cultures. Individuals throughout Nepal have been enjoying Korean culture recently. Many families watch Korean dramas and movies in their homes. Over 100,000 Nepali people practice Taekwondo, a Korean martial art,” said Ambassador Park Tae-young . He stated that numerous young people enjoy K-pop music and dance.

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"We at the Korean Embassy in Nepal aim to recognize and promote the Nepali people's growing interest in Korean culture by organizing cultural events every year.”

“This year, we held several events, including the K-Pop World Festival in Nepal in July, the Ambassador’s Taekwondo Championship in September, and the K-Culture Video Contest last month. Today, we hosted the 2023 Korean Language Speech Contest, where we were pleasantly surprised by the exceptional Korean proficiency of the contest winners. The Korean Culture Night will serve as the culmination of this productive yearlong effort."

"I hope that these programs provide a enjoyable experience and improve your understanding of Korean culture," stated the ambassador.

"Our sincere wish is that your interest and comprehension of Korean culture will form a solid basis for the strengthening of exchange and cooperation between Korea and Nepal. Our relationship is not solely diplomatic, but a bond founded on shared values, experiences, and cultural understanding with the goal of a better future."

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During the program, Bharatmani Subedi, Secretary of the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation, expressed his gratitude to the Republic of Korea for providing development support to Nepal in various sectors through KOICA. He emphasized that the Nepalese who work or have worked under the EPS program in Korea are a valuable asset for Nepal in its efforts to transform its society.

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Secretary Subedi also noted that Nepal and Korea are celebrating 50 years of diplomatic relations between the two countries this year, emphasizing the significance of this milestone for Nepal.

He further commented on the recent visit of the Korean Minister of Agriculture, which demonstrated the high level of importance given by the Republic of Korea to Nepal.

Attended by individuals from diverse backgrounds, including senior civil servants, diplomats from the Embassy of Korea, media personnel, businessmen, and Koreans residing in Nepal, the program lasted after the Tae-Kwando demonstration by the Nepal Police Academy team.


The final round of the Korean Speech Contest concluded, and the winners were awarded certificates and gift hampers. Furthermore, certificates and gift hampers were given to the winners of the 2023 Online K Culture Video Contest.

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