FNCCI Koshi Launched Innovative Database System

FNCCI Koshi Launched Innovative Database System

May 29, 2024, 7:01 p.m.

The FNCCI Koshi Province has recently launched an innovative database system to collect data on the industrial labor market in the region.

This initiative, known as the Rapid Market Assessment, aims to enhance job opportunities within the industrial sector. The event was organized with the support of the Rural Enterprise and Remittance Project (RERP) under the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Supplies (MoICS), as well as the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), and technical assistance from HELVETAS Nepal.


Participants at the event included Rajendra Raut, Chairperson of FNCCI Koshi, Saroj Prasad Guragain, Project Manager of RERP; representatives from the Labour and Employment Office Biratnagar; officials from the Ministry of Industry, Agriculture, and Cooperative; local government employment coordinators; and other relevant stakeholders.

A live demonstration of the new web application showcased its capabilities in tracking and analyzing labor demand across various industries, followed by a feedback session.

President Raut emphasized the importance of bridging the gap between the increasing number of individuals seeking employment abroad and the local industries struggling to find skilled workers. He stated that this database will play a crucial role in closing that gap by providing comprehensive information on employment needs.

Saroj Prasad Guragain highlighted the potential for the system to be further developed in the future, enabling job seekers to connect with available job opportunities, thereby benefiting both parties involved.

Sandip Poudel, the Team Leader of Samriddhi/HELVETAS Nepal, emphasized that the data collected through this system would assist FNCCI in formulating better policies and advocating for them with the government and other relevant stakeholders, backed by concrete evidence.


Poshraj Niraula, the Program Officer of Samriddhi, added that the implementation of the database system would also enable local governments to effectively direct vocational skills programs and plan accordingly based on the sectoral and occupational demand identified through the collected data.

Currently, the database system is undergoing testing in Koshi Province, with the participation of over 300 member industries and 39 FNCCI member organizations who will regularly update their labor needs. This user-friendly system provides valuable insights into the job market, required skills, job opportunities, and potential collaborations with industries. Its design aims to support government planning, development organizations, analysts, private sectors, trainers, and job seekers.

This innovative tool is anticipated to have a significant impact on enhancing the development and execution of apprenticeship training programs in the coming years. Through the establishment of collaborations between private sector entities and training institutions, it will facilitate the provision of more practical training opportunities and contribute to the efficient placement of individuals in jobs. FNCCI extends an invitation to all relevant parties to utilize this cutting-edge platform to foster the growth of the private sector and support various industrial endeavors.


Moving ahead, FNCCI and its collaborators are committed to utilizing this database system to cultivate a more robust and responsive job market in Koshi Province. A series of engagements have been held with industrialists in the Morang-Sunsari corridor and surrounding areas of Jhapa, followed by training sessions for the HR focal points of these industries.

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