Pokhara: The Tourist Heart of Nepal and the Rise of the hotel's like Raniban Retreat

Pokhara: The Tourist Heart of Nepal and the Rise of the hotel's like Raniban Retreat

June 23, 2024, 8:35 a.m.

By Saksham Ayer

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Situated in the tranquil Himalayan foothills, Pokhara has emerged as Nepal's most popular tourism destination, drawing tourists from all over the world with its unique combination of natural splendour and cultural diversity. In order to serve a wide variety of travellers this city has drawn adventurers and nature lovers, and its accommodation industry has grown significantly.
Current Travel Trends
Pokhara has been a major factor in the spectacular rise of Nepal's tourism industry in recent years. The city's status as a top pick for tourists looking for genuine and peaceful settings has been cemented by its accessibility, beautiful surroundings, and abundance of cultural activities. The popularity of adventure tourism, which includes well-known pursuits like trekking and paragliding, has greatly boosted Pokhara's appeal as one of South Asia's top adventure destinations.

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Growth and Opportunities in Hospitality
A booming hotel, resort, and guesthouse sector has resulted from Pokhara's tourism boom; these establishments are springing up all around the city. Due to this expansion, there are now a variety of lodging options to suit a wide range of tastes and budgets. Pokhara today provides a range of options for discriminating tourists looking for comfort and flair, from opulent resorts with expansive views of the mountains to small boutique hotels tucked away in quiet corners.

Raniban Retreat: A Calm Haven
Raniban Retreat is a very serene retreat among Pokhara's lodging options. This eco-friendly resort is perched on a hill with stunning views of the Annapurna range and the scenic Phewa Lake. In addition to offering opulent lodging, it places a strong emphasis on sustainability and responsible tourism. Eco-aware visitors wishing to relax in peace with nature, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, will find the retreat appealing due to its dedication to maintaining the beauty of its surroundings.
Corporate Offers and Specials

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Currently, Raniban Retreat is enticing corporate clients across Nepal with exclusive monsoon offers designed to enhance their stay:

50% off on room tariffs from Monday to Thursday, with rates starting as low as NPR 6,000 per night.

25% off on room tariffs over the weekend, from Friday to Sunday, offering rates starting from NPR 9,000 per night.

Complimentary special snack for each room upon arrival, welcoming guests with a taste of local hospitality.

15% discount on all food items and 10% off on all beverages, ensuring a delightful dining experience at a reduced cost.

Special happy hour offers on cocktails and mock tails, creating a relaxed atmosphere for unwinding after a day of exploring Pokhara's attractions.

These corporate offers not only make Raniban Retreat an attractive choice for business travellers seeking a peaceful retreat but also underscore the retreat's commitment to providing exceptional value and service. Also, for FIT guest, Raniban Retreat is giving offer such as

“Stay 2 nights and get 50% off on the second night”. Whether for a corporate getaway or a serene escape amidst nature, Raniban Retreat promises an unforgettable experience where every detail is crafted to enhance comfort and relaxation.


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Tucked away in Nepal's peaceful highlands, Raniban Retreat is also committed to sustainability and CSR in all facets of its business. Raniban Retreat actively promotes environmental conservation through eco-friendly methods like trash reduction, water conservation, and energy efficiency measures, assuring lowest ecological imprint, in addition to its association with Bidula Trust. Through programs like skill-building workshops and support for regional craftsmen, the retreat interacts with the community, promoting community development and economic empowerment. Furthermore, Raniban Retreat upholds Nepal's cultural legacy by providing genuine cultural experiences and fostering traditional craftsmanship. In an effort to promote a sustainable culture, Raniban Retreat offers training programs and workshops that instruct both staff and visitors on responsible tourism practices. Raniban Retreat shows its dedication to cancer prevention by collaborating with Bidula Trust to assist cancer preventive programs.


Sites like Raniban Retreat distinguish out for their commitment to provide unforgettable stays in sync with the surrounding natural beauty as Pokhara continues to flourish as Nepal's tourism capital. Visitors to Raniban Retreat, whether on business or vacation, can anticipate a rich experience that blends peace, adventure, and cultural immersion in one of Nepal's most alluring locations. Pokhara offers an enlightening trip into the heart of Nepal's natural wonders, whether you are lured by the attraction of its cultural riches, the peace of its lakes, or the appeal of mountain adventures.

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Saksham Ayer is the head of Sales and Marketing Division of Raniban Retreat

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