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Manan Karki’s English novel The Memory of Leaves marks an important milestone in English writing and publishing in Nepal<br><STRONG>A CORRESSPONDENT</STRONG>

July 3, 2011, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol. : 05 No.-2 July 01-2011 (Ashar 17,2068)

In the midst of many English language novels published in Nepal,novelist Manan’s work stands out. Renowned litterateur Greta Rana describes the book as high quality work, which everybody needs to read.

One of the important things about author Manan Karki is that his novel narrates plots enlivened with his observation. Karki has also shown his command over the English language. Many renowned writers find it difficult to use appropriate words in explaining events. Author Manan is well-versed in word choice.

The novel is an expression of a perfect combination of events, characters and narrative. The language is very interesting and touching. The book reflects novelist Manan’s creative views and thinking.

“Set in the turn-of-century Kathmandu, The Memory Leaves is a collage of three different but interweaving narratives, each of which is narrated from the perspective of tone of the novel’s three protagonists and revolves around a central tragic event from the distant past. Full of linguistic and verbal inventions, the novel, marked with  the author’s poised and frequently poetic prose, is an evocative exploration of the human condition and of the ways in which the past and the future are continually reshaped by the present,” according to a press release of Llareggub Press.

First published in Ireland by Pillar Press in 2009, Llareggub Press released Manan Karki’s first novel in Nepal. “We believe that the release of the novel here marks an important milestone in English writing and publishing in Nepal,” writes the publisher.  “We are also too proud to announce the availability of the eBook version of the novel. While the eBook version is at present restricted to Amazon’s Kindle platform, we are in the process of making it available via other channels online.”

Dedicated to the publishing of quality literary fiction and poetry in English, the Llareggub Press aims to harness the power of the new media to reach a global audience. According to the press release, The Memory Leaves is the first of what we hope is a long line of quality publication.

Manan Karki, who was born and lives in Kathmandu, proves himself as a world class writer in his very first book.


Greta Rana said that there are two guides for European Writers of literary fiction: Aristotle’s Poetics and Shakespeare’s introduction of the ‘psyche’ and the conversation characters have with themselves.

“I had read many novels in Nepali and English but that Manan’s is the first one I had read that seemed to follow these guidelines,”said Rana.


“This book is a result of support of many of my friends. I want comments from my readers about the book,” said author Manan, in his brief speech in the book release ceremony.

From the beginning till the end, novelist Manan’s book depicted his acumen of making a perfect observation of human actions. He minutely describes all kinds of actions. This is what usually novel writers fail to do.

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