Perspective on Hope and Faith


Dec. 28, 2011, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol. : 05 No. -12 Dec. 23-2011 (Poush 08,2068)<BR>

Poetry is the best way to explain somebody’s feelings and observations about life and events. This is what Tara Dahal shows in her collection of poetry Springs of Life. Collection of 43 poems, Tara’s book gives various perspectives on hope and faith.

“This collection of poems reflects my personal feelings about many themes, material, moral and spiritual, and about my own conceptions through the prism of my personal knowledge and experiences, my national locations and thoughts about the world,” writes poet Tara Dahal in her preface.

This is not her first collection of poems as she has already published two poetry named Sunami and Mother’s Tree in the past. 

“I am not a trained poet, certainly not a refined one with poetic associations, not even one in contact with them. But reading poems inspires me to write,” writes Dahal.

“Themes of her poems touch nature, love lives and culture of the country.  Unlike the majority writers, Tara has something distinct and special. She should be marked out from the crowd. Her poetic symmetry and wetness of expression keep match with the harmony of consciousness and that is peaceful, people who are enlightened and the life that has value and noble meaning. One of the outstanding features of Tara’s poetic work is that her emotions are restrained and guided by the philosophy of life rather than being a mere individualistic monologue. She possesses the ability to turn any issue into a poem with the use of beautiful imagery, symbolism and smiles. She envisions world wisdom,” writes renowned critic prof Dr. D.P. Bhandari.

Tara Dahal depicted the human suffering, love to nature and her surroundings as well as desperation of human being. In her poem Kissing Mother Earth, she attempted to describe various nature of earth about drought, rain and land.

“The author is present in every poem of the book, where the words often gush out desperately to give voice to her spirit. If in writing a poem, the poet becomes a discoverer as Robert Frost assumed, the reader also becomes a co-discoverer here while reading them….” writes Anand Aditya in his foreword.  The poetess is utterly serious about each theme she dwells upon, but almost everything she records does contain a grain of hope, too, no matter how deeply it may well up from her despair within.”

Poetess Tara Dahal’s poems are interesting to read as they show a connection between the poetess and mother nature. She attempts to describe all the situation, scenario and thinking in the form of poetry and shows her talent to describe the situation.

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