DASHAIN Festive Offers Galore


Oct. 19, 2012, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol.: 06 No.-09 Oct. 19 -2012 (Kartik 03, 2069)<br>

The City Center, one of the most popular shopping destinations for the people of Kathmandu, is all set to attract customers for the upcoming Dashain and Tihar festival by offering lucrative discounts. Other malls are not falling behind in this respect either. Civil Mall, People’s Plaza, and World Trade Center, among others, have also announced attractive schemes and offers.  


The race in offering discounts is even fierce in the streets of New Road, Ason and Durbarmarg.


Likewise, MAW and Chaudhary Group have also introduced various schemes for the festive season. Ace Travels, one of the biggest travel agencies of the country, is giving discounts to people who want to go on a vacation during this Dashain/Tihar.


There are many others who are giving discounts in view of the festivals in mind. From clothes to automobiles and electronics, discounts are available all around.  Dashain and Tihar are the occasions when the country goes on a lavish shopping spree, making these festivals attractive with discounts and offers.


When the people are spending, it is normal for businessmen to attract customers by giving them eye-catching offers. Although some are giving customers real value for their money, particularly the big business houses, local retailers and shopkeepers are feared for being deceitful to the customers by putting up fake discounts and offers.


 “In a cloth shop in New Road, they said 60 percent discount will be given on all purchases. So I and my family went to shop there. But, the price was so much inflated that even after 60 percent discount the price was high,” said a customer who went for shopping with his family.


In the festival month, employees get Dashain bonuses along with regular salaries. As the income of people increases, so does their spending. Records have shown that people also use their past savings to cover Dashain expenses.


Normally people buy new clothes for Dashain as a tradition. Many also wait until Dashain or Tihar to buy new electronic goods, automobiles, or for other big purchases.


Dashain is normally viewed as the main season by businessmen. Business goes sky-high in nearly every sector but the main concern is the unhealthy practices.


“I bargained and reduced the price after getting the initial discount offer. Nobody knows what the real prices of these clothes are. I think the government should control the prices. These types of offers with no real values should be controlled straight away,” said a student who went shopping for Dashain.


However, not all shopkeepers are doing unethical businesses. Some are offering real discounts.


“This time is also the time to clear out summer stocks. People normally don’t buy summer clothes after Tihar as winter will take the grip then. So, we are giving discounts to clear stocks and we are also putting out-fashioned items on sale,” said a businessman at Jamal.


Others have different strategy. “For Dashain, we buy goods in bulks and the selling rate is very high so we can still earn good profits even by selling goods at a discounted price. The competition in the market is rife and customers are well aware now, so it is difficult to cheat them,” said another businessman.


At festive times, businessmen should give people offers which will give them the real pay off for their money and make their Dashain a happy one! Government should also monitor the rising unhealthy practices. Meanwhile for now, people should themselves judge the real worth of a product and decide whether they are really getting discounts or not before making a purchase!

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