India wants to see prosperous Nepal: Indian Ambassador to Nepal


Oct. 19, 2012, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol.: 06 No.-09 Oct. 19 -2012 (Kartik 03, 2069)<br>

India wants to see a prosperous Nepal and is ready to provide any assistance to it for its economic development.


Nepal can be the richest country in south Asia if it could utilise the vast natural resources including the water resources at its disposal, Indian Ambassador to Nepal Jayanta Prasad said at an interaction programme organised by Nepal-India Youth Friendship Association in Kathmandu.


India always wants that its neighbours be prosperous and developed, he said adding India is ready to provide assistance required by Nepal for its economic prosperity.


Senior Maoist leader Janardan Sharma Nepal's neighbours India and China were eager to see early resolution to the ongoing political deadlock and promulgating the new constitution.


He said the new Constitution can be promulgated through reinstatement of the Constituent Assembly.


However, Nepali Congress central member Arjun Narsingh Kesi said that it is impractical to reinstate the Constituent Assembly which was dissolved in May 29 without drafting the constitution.


It would not be democratic way to revive the CA time and again instead going for fresh mandate of the people, he pointed out.


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