'Education UK Exhibition'

British Council brings 24 renowned UK Universities to Kathmandu

Feb. 10, 2013, 5:45 p.m.

British Council is organizing 'Education UK Exhibition' from 9th -10th February, 2013 from 11:00 to 17:00 hours at the Everest Hotel, Kathmandu to fill up the gap between the UK Universities and students of Nepal.

With a view to promote UK education and increasing the understanding of the UK's expertise in education, the event is organized in an exclusive way where students and parents will get a chance to meet the representatives from twenty four different UK institutions. The event is the biggest opportunity for face to face discussions and interaction among the alumni, students, aspirants, parents, career advisers, agents, representatives and people from all walks of life looking to broaden their educational horizons in a modern and professional way. The growing demand for overseas education is becoming more apparent as many Nepalese students pursue higher/further education and those who already have qualifications want to upgrade or update them, states a press release issued by the British Council.

There will also be seminars / presentations by representatives from the British Council, the British High Commission and UK Universities.

Brendan McShary, County Director British Council Nepal says ‘At this year’s Education UK exhibition, we have some 24 top British universities participating.  They are here to talk directly with prospective students from Nepal who wish to further their education and careers.  This is a golden opportunity to learn more about the varied undergraduate and post graduate programmes of study and research, and the flexible approaches for participation, whether in the UK or Nepal.  You will also learn about the requirements for enrolment and features of advanced and critical study involved.  At the same time, you can obtain advice from the UK immigration authority (UKBA), the British Council and ECAN on what needs to be done in preparation for study on higher education & training programmes in the UK”.

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