"Proposed Polls Meaningless" Mohan Vaidya

MOHAN VAIDYA KIRAN, chairman of CPN-Maoist, holds the view that his party will boycott the elections held without fulfilling their demand.

June 28, 2013, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol: 07 No. -2 June 28- 2013 (Ashad 14, 2070)

How do you see the possibility of holding the elections?

A majority of people are against it. I don't think it is possible to hold the elections. You can hold the elections like the fake one Gyanendra held for local bodies. You cannot hold genuine elections in the present circumstances.

Why not?

Since people do not want the elections under the present political circumstances, they will boycott it. This is not a country of four political parties.

What are your conditions to hold the elections?

First of all, the government needs to postpone the date of elections. Second, the present government needs to resign from the chair paving the way for an all-party government.

Do you think other parties will agree on your demand?

They have to agree. Our demand is simple and clear. We want resignation of this government to start any meaningful dialogue.

That means there will no elections?

In present circumstances, we will not allow elections at any cost.

If the state uses the force, what would you do?

Our party workers will resist it. We will start another struggle in case of oppression.

Don't you think your statement is anti-people?

We are protecting the interest and sovereign rights of the people. Anti-people are those four parties which are trying to control the state power.

It is also said that your party is boycotting the elections because your party does not have a base. How do you look at this?

You can see the strength of our party if free and fair elections are held. Our party is genuinely committed to the rights of the people and all the revolutionaries like our party.

Don't you think your party will be isolated in case of boycotting the elections?

There is no question of isolation. Our party will be in the mainstream. When we launched the people's war in 1996, reactionaries and progressive forces used similar terms. After ten years of struggle, we proved that ultimately the revolutionaries will win the war.

So, what do you want to say?

I have already made it clear that there is no meaning to hold the elections at this juncture. Resignation of Regmi's government is the first step towards the positive direction. I am hopeful that all parties will agree with us and postpone the elections in November.

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