Volunteer's Day - Sharing a Smile

Israel Embassy organized a program to celebrate sharing smile

Oct. 9, 2013, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol: 07 No. -8 Oct. 4- 2013 (Ashoj 18, 2070)

The Embassy of Israel, as a part of its "sharing smile" project, took children from Child Protection Home, Siphal, for wall climbing at Astrek Climbing Wall at Thamel. According to a press release of Israel Embassy, twenty six children and teenagers aged 11 to 22 were among the wall climbers. The Embassy was joined by the Israeli volunteers from an Israeli NGO Tevel, currently staying in Nepal. Similarly, on 7th October 2013, small children aged 3 to 10 from the Child Protection Home were taken for a zoo visit. For this visit, Shalom Club members joined hands with the Embassy. Shalom Club is the club that consists of the Nepalese who have went to Israel for study/training/seminar/workshop. The children were presented with gifts including balloons, geometry boxes, kites and thread rollers (changa and lattai) for Dashain. The Embassy organized these programs on the happy occasion of Dashain and hopes that these events have helped bring smiles in their innocent faces. Happy to participate with the children in their fun activities, Hanan Goder, Ambassador of Israel to Nepal said, 'I am happy and proud to be associated with this children and their lively activities. Being with them gives each one of us the feeling of contribution and "smiling hearts"!'. The Embassy has been organizing volunteering activities at the Child Protection Home including painting the buildings, repairing, carpeting, wiring and donating books for the children since 2011, twice a year. Child Protection Home, established under Nepal Children’s Organization, is an organization that provides safe and caring environment for the rescued dependent children of the imprisoned parents. The organization not only provides education and medical care to the children but also helps in building confidence and socializing with the outer world as well as offer opportunities for skill development. The organization houses 55 such children, who are not only taken care of but are also given moral values and education on personal hygiene and psychological counselling.

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