"We will work against Elections "

At a time when the election for CA is just knocking on the doors, CPN-Maoist leader Mohan Vaidya Kiran still believes that the elections will be postponed. Excerpts:

Nov. 11, 2013, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol.: 07 No.-10 Nov. 08 -2013 (Kartik 22, 2070)

As political parties are reaching the people and a large number of people have already been mobilized in the election process, don't you think your call for boycott of the elections has little meaning?

I don't agree that all people are getting involved in the election process. Although they don't have a voice, an overwhelming majority of people are opposing the election. Our boycott is gaining popularity at the grass root level. The present election campaign of four parties is just fake.

Since the chairman of council of ministers Khil Raj Regmi and leaders of six parties have already made it clear that there is no question of postponement of elections for the sake of your party. How do you respond to this?

Khilrajji and leaders of so-called six parties are the stooges of foreign powers. As long as people are with us, we don't care about their commitments. We will show our strength from next week. Only then can the people say who has strength and who does not have.

Do you mean your party will use violence?

We want to hold peaceful rallies and programs. However, we will retaliate in case the government uses force. Our intention is not to use violence.

Don't you think stopping public life and public transport by using the force is also an act of violence?

We are just calling on the people to take part in our general strike slated from November 11. We are not forcing anybody to do so.

Opposing the elections is opposing the right of the people. If so, how does your party still claim to be the party of the people?

Don't misunderstand us. Our party is not against meaningful elections. It is our party which sacrificed the life of hundreds of people to hold the elections for the Constituent Assembly. How can we oppose our own baby? We want to take part in the elections. We are opposing the method of holding the elections at the behest of four parties and foreign elements in disguise.

At a time when all international community, national elements and security forces are working hard to hold the elections on November 19, aren't you afraid of the price you may need to pay for launching activities against the democratic elections?

I want to repeat to you that we are not against the elections and we are not pursuing violence. Our aim is to stop the elections which will push Nepal into a prolonged political violence. It is unfortunate that those who supported the peace process also failed to understand us. How can an election get legitimacy if it is conducted under the four parties’ influence by a government of nominated chief justice? We are still working to pursue our cause with the international and domestic communities.

It is almost likely now that the elections will be held on November 19 despite opposition. What would be your future programs?

We will continue to launch our struggle against mockery of democracy and Constituent Assembly. By just holding the elections does not mean that we have lost a battle. When we launched People's War in 1996, many political parties termed us as a bunch of people. It is not a question of holding the elections only but it is a question of whether the people accept the results of such elections.

It is reported that CPN-Maoist decided to go underground. Is that true?

This is a bogus propaganda against our party. There is no policy of our party to launch any violent war now and there is no policy to send our leaders underground. All of our leaders have been working in various parts of the country, taking part in anti-CA elections rally.

What do you want to say to the people?         

We appeal to all concerned parties, governments and people to postpone the election to avoid violent clashes in the country. The time has not gone out of hand. If someone thinks that the elections without participation of Maoists will bring a solution, let them try. We don't want to waste time and resources.

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