India, China, U.S. and EU hailed CA Poll successful

India, China, US,EU and UN hailed Successful conduct of free and fair elections in Nepal

Nov. 21, 2013, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol.: 07 No.-10 Nov. 08 -2013 (Kartik 22, 2070)

Along with Nepal’s two neighbors India and China, the United States of America, European Union and UN thanked government, election commission and Nepali people for conducting free and fair elections. 

Indian Ministry of External Affairs said, “the successful conduct of free and fair elections today in Nepal for the Constituent Assembly-cum-Parliament is an important step towards realizing Nepal's goal of a democratic and prosperous future. The people of Nepal, political parties, Government and security forces and the Election Commission of Nepal deserve to be congratulated for this achievement. The impressive turnout reflects the faith that the people of Nepal have reposed in the democratic process.

“Government of India was happy to extend necessary logistical support for the smooth conduct of elections, in accordance with the request of the Government of Nepal,” said the statement.

According to the press release, India believes that the early promulgation of a new Constitution reflecting the aspirations of the people of Nepal together with progress on the development agenda would contribute to peace, prosperity and stability in Nepal. As a close friend and neighbour, India stands ready to support the Government and people of Nepal in their historic endeavours.

Similarly, spokesperson of Chinese Foreign Ministry in Beijing hailed the CA elections as free and fair. Foreign ministry spokesperson held the view that the election will bring stability in Nepal.

Similarly, the United States congratulates the people of Nepal on their November 19 Constituent Assembly elections. These elections mark a vital step in the peace process that began in 2006.

According to the press Statement by issued by U.S. Embassy on Elections in Nepal,  Elections like these are a milestone not just for Nepal but for people around the world working to rebuild after conflicts and resolve disputes via constitutional and homegrown means.  The Nepali people endured years of civil war, in which innocent civilians were the victims of violent extremism and terrorism. 

“Since the end of the conflict, Nepal has made vital progress toward supporting civil society, promoting the participation of women and youth, and becoming a pluralistic democracy that can support the dreams and aspirations of all the Nepali people.  As Nepal’s newly elected leaders turn to the important task of concluding a constitution, the United States will continue to support Nepal’s progress along a peaceful, prosperous, inclusive, and democratic path,” said the statement 

Similarly, United Nations congratulates the people of Nepal for the peaceful and successful conduct of the Constituent Assembly election.

“The turnout shows their determination to take the peace process forward. The new Constituent Assembly will have the historic responsibility to complete a new constitution, building upon the impressive gains in the peace process so far, and thereby promoting national dialogue and genuine reconciliation. The United Nations remains committed to supporting Nepal in its transition towards a peaceful, democratic and prosperous future,” said UN in its press release 

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