'I Am A Genuine Industrialist' : Pandey

Vice president of FNCCI Pradeep Jung Pandey is contesting the election for FNCCI president for another three years. Supported by four former presidents, Pandey claims that he will win the elections because he has the backing from a large number of vo

April 5, 2014, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol: 07 No. -19 Apr. 04- 2014 (Chaitra 21, 2070)

Why are you contesting the elections for president?

My candidacy is for economic prosperity, increase in investment and safe exit from an uneasy,  prolonged political transition. As a genuine industrialist, I can handle the situation more effectively and efficiently than my competitor.

What difference will your candidacy make than that of others?

Without making local level FNCCI body professional and entrepreneural, the central leadership cannot make any change. My first priority will be to make the FNCCI’s local bodies professional and one that values entrepreneurs. I will start my tenure from taking some drastic decisions. I will involve all FNCCI leaders and all persons who contributed to make FNCCI strong in the mainstream. I will work side by side with them. I won’t discriminate against anybody.

What are your major agenda?

My major agenda will be to create a labor-friendly environment, tax for state, and increasing employment. At a time when over 2,000 Nepalese youths are flying to foreign country for employment, we need to generate the employment opportunities back at home.

How will you do this?

As there are billions of rupees in deposit lying with the commercial banks, there are immense resources to start industries. Nepal is poor not because it does not have resources. I want to show that Nepal has immense resources and opportunities as well.

Don’t’ you think the present competition will further polarize FNCCI?

In a democracy, elections are an integral part. As the country is heading towards a new political order, we cannot follow the system of consensus. This is the right way to choose the leadership. This is for the first time when I have seen overwhelming number of members and presidents are with me. This is the election for unity. You can see all previous presidents are lobbying for me. This is the testimony to my promise and victory.

As FNCCI has bitter history of division after the elections, how can you make differences than in the past?

I will bring all the groups together. After elections, the differences will be over in FNCCI. I am pretty sure about this.

How confident are you about your elections?

Given the present support from all the sides, I am confident that I will be victorious in the elections. As a genuine industrialist, our members will vote for me.

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