Nepali film Baato Muniko Phool Screened

Baato Muniko Phool was screened in 19th edition of Cinemandu

Oct. 21, 2014, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol: 08 No. -9 October. 18- 2014 (Kartik 01, 2071)

Indian Embassy and B.P. Koirala India-Nepal Foundation organized 19th edition of Cinemandu. This edition of Cinemandu screened critically acclaimed Nepali feature film Baato Muniko Phool.

Based on the social discrimination in the society through caste system and the state marginalized group of people in Nepal, the movie features Yash Kumar, Baboo Bogati, Rekha Thapa, Nandita KC and Rajesh Hamal in the lead roles.

According to a press release issued by Indian Embassy, producer and the lead actor of the film Yash Kumar joined the screening of Baato Muniko Phool. Kumar interacted with the audience after the screening of the film.

He said, “This was my first attempt to come forward as a producer and actor in Nepali films. There might be some loopholes but I will work on them and will be producing more movies in days to come. Baato Muniko Phool 2 will be released soon. I will always bring forward the social ills existing in our society through cinematic means.”


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