SHEKHAR DHUNGEL: Literary Journey

An activist from Non-Resident Nepali group of the United States of America, Shekhar Dhungel is known for his literary work

March 6, 2015, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol: 08 No. -17 March. 06- 2015 (Falgun 22, 2071)

Having written a number of books, poems and lyrics, American citizen of Nepali origin Shekhar Dhungel travels frequently in Nepal to support the people living in remote parts of the country.

Writing poems, lyrics and stories has been his habit since his early childhood. Even in the school days and colleges, Dhungel retained his charismatic writing. Author of a number of books in English and Nepali, Dhungel is currently an active member of Non-Resident Nepalis living in the United States of America.

Born in Bhaktapur, Dhungel has a long history of personal struggle to achieve the present fame. He has seen many ups and downs in coming where he is now.

In his book, Beautiful Journey of Struggle, Dhungel depicts how he fought all his life. A Beautiful Journey of Struggle is a memoir of his travel experiences in foreign lands. The way the author relates his experiences and the words he chooses to describe the scenes will make readers want to read more and more.

The author accurately reconstructs every place that he was living in. Because of the descriptive imagery readers will be able to easily envision the comical happenings, such as waking up the loud CD. Readers will be enjoying the experience, which will make them feel a connection.

The author describes incidents from having his card stolen in New York to recovering fruit in Japan, to the scene he encountered at his relative’s house.

“The stories in this memoir are heart-warming; I have no doubt that this can be a popular reading creation by adding few more experiences. Still it is harder to quit in the middle once you start reading these honest tales of letdowns, deceits, pains and sufferings written in simple and everyday style,” writes Shree Om Shestha Rodan.

Although he has been over a decade living abroad, author Shekhar’s love to his birthplace and motherland has not diminished. This is the reason he is planning to make a resort in remote parts of Sindhupalchowk district to support poor and marginalized communities there.

Despite his active involvement in NRN movement in USA, he remains in a low profile. This time he is expected to contest for the presidentship. As he is currently in Nepal, he is yet to announce his candidacy.  

His life is testimony to the trials and tribulations that you go through in the hope of making money and seeking happiness in the foreign land. However, his experiences have shown that foreign land is not always a place for happiness and the mother land is not full of sorrow.

As a man committed to the economic progress and prosperity, Dhungel is currently working to bring foreign investment in tourism sector and mobilizing local resources for the betterment of people. This is the reason whenever he finds time and money, Dhungel prefers to visit Nepal. He has stayed almost a month this time meeting various people.

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