The Prince of Denmark visited the earthquake devastated villages of Lamjung, ameliorating the pains of the poor people of Nepal

Sept. 24, 2015, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol.: 09, No. -7, September 25 2015 (Ashoj 8, 2072)

From what rural folks in Lamjung read and knew, a prince would not carry goods as did the common people. When they saw Prince of Denmark Fredrik Andre Henrik carrying corrugated sheets from Pachokbesi to their destination village along with red cross staffs, they could not believe their eyes.

They saw Prince Fredrik Andre Henrik visiting their village and started to talk about the people’s prince, and imagined what the people’s King could be. 

As Nepal’s political parties were busy in formulating the new constitution through the Constituent Assembly and found no time to visit the earthquake victims, the Prince of Denmark visited remote Nepal and event went a long way in healing the wound of people.  

In his four-day marathon Nepal tour, Prince of Denmark, Fredrik Andre Henrik, visited several villages of Lamjung to learn about the condition of the quake-hit victims in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake of April 25.

The Danish prince had arrived in Nepal on 15th September upon the invitation of the Danish Red Cross Society. Henrik visited Pachok and Faleni VDCs in Lamgunj. In his visit to the village, the prince had observed the conditions of the villagers sheltered at Tallo-pachok-7 and Upallo-pachok-8 of Pachok VDC as well as Faleni VDC-8 and Labsibot village in the district and talked with them about their conditions.

 “Not just visiting the houses, Prince Henrik interacted with the locals with keen enthusiasm. Living in temporary sheds, locals shared their grievances with the prince. They complained that life in the region was yet to return to normalcy due to the lack of regular water supply and electricity,” said Kiran Sedhai, a Red Cross Staff.

Ignored by their own representatives in the name of constitution writing, local people were quiet excited to meet the prince at their doorstep, coming as he did from far away. "Large numbers of villagers came from Pachok, Dhadeni and Faleni VDCs just to get a glimpse of the foreign prince," said Aash Bahadur Gurung, a local resident.

Former VDC Chairman of Pachok, Diwakar Wagle was jubilant to receive Prince Henrik at his doorstep and welcomed him. From the locals and other associations like Aama-samuha, schools and VDC administrations, every one came to give a grand welcome to Prince Henrik.

After reaching the district headquarters, Besisahar, the prince expressed his satisfaction over the efforts made by Denmark and expressed happiness that the aid provided by Denmark was being used well to help the people recover from the crisis.

With the completion of his visit, Prince Henrik also addressed the program organized to welcome him by the district administration and the Red Cross Society. Prince Henrik said that although the villagers are still not properly rehabilitated into permanent shelters, it is relieving to find that their condition is getting better than before.

As rural Nepalese of 14 districts, who were affected by the earthquakes, are yet to overcome their trauma and return to normalcy, the Danish Prince helped their recovery process by listening to their pain and suffering.

Supporting Nepal’s development process for a long time, focusing on community programs, Denmark has made an immense contribution in Nepal. The current green village idea is the result of the community forestry supported by Denmark in the early days.

After the earthquake, Denmark came with a number of programs to support the earthquake victims, saving their life and providing support for the construction of temporary shelters through institutions, including by Danish Red Cross.


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