PRITHVI MALLA Young Golf Talent

Young golfer Prithivi Malla has proven his skills in the golf course

Oct. 15, 2015, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol:09,No-8.Oct.2015,(Asoj 29,2072)

Although he is young and in his early phase in the golf course, PrithviMalla has shown that he can make a difference in the future golf tournaments. The young golfer has already demonstrated his skills and talents, winning a number of trophies.

PrithviMalla, a twelfth grader, business student, of Malpi Institute, has won a major trophy in the Amateur Section Title in Surya Nepal Golf Central Open Tournament held last week.

He won A Maiden Trophy in his first appearance in senior. He posted a total score of 21 over 309 to finish first among the amateur players. Malla has a dream to become a tiger wood in the future.

This is Prithvi’s first participation for the senior tournament as he just turned 17 years old, playing with 4 handicap with senior, a mega victory of Prithvi as a leader of Amateur in Nepal.

He had won many other tournaments held at various golf courses as juniors.Recently he won a hat trick,with monthly medal of Surya Nepal, while playing with the seniors. Nepal Golf Association must encourage this young golfer to play as an international golfer.

Young golfer Malla had developed the passion for golf since a small boy as he used to explore the game. His golf skill as a child was admired by SumanSachdev, who asked him to learn golf, hence he started his golf coaching from golf pioneer GhanaShyamThapa.

From the beginning, young golfer Malla had shownspecial talents and promisedto continue his winning streak. Fromage 12, he started winning the trophies, participating in various golf tournaments as a junior champion of Nepal organized at TAOGC at Army Golf course,  RNGC and  Gokarna  Golf Course .

 Recently he won the hat trick inthe monthly golf tournament atthe Gokarna Golf Course.Prithvihad participated in the International Golf Tournament of Faldo series at Malaysia last year representing Nepal.

PrithviMalla is a dedicated golfer, whose dream is to follow the footstep of his golfidol TigerWoods. He is keen on participating in all the major tournaments held at home, in Asia and abroad.

As he was just reaching 17 years this year, he won Amateur Section for Surya Nepal Central Open as Maiden Major Trophy in his first appearance in senior category. It is indeed a mega victory for upcoming Golf Star of the country.

With his skills, Malla can make a lot of difference in the golf competition at the international level in the future.Last year he also played Faldo SeriesInternational Tournament in Malaysia. It was his first international but he won the heart of many golfers showing his good performance and skills.


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