Bill On Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Needs To Revise

Bill On Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Needs To Revise

Sept. 30, 2017, 8:31 a.m.

Although the meeting Legislature-Parliament has unanimously endorsed the Bill on Disaster Reduction and Management-2074 BS, there are so many shortcomings in the bill which need to accommodate in the later stages.

According to civil society organizations working in the disaster, the bill gives more authority to center and it is just a change of name. “Despite such a controversy, the government moves the bill in parliament. If the parliament passes the bill without proper amendment, it will be the disaster for disaster management,” said an activist.  

The bill is prepared to keep the centralized mindset giving sweeping authority to Ministry of Home Affairs and ignoring the federal setup of the country.

During a clause-wise discussion on the Bill, CPN-UML's parliamentarian Dr. Gangadhar Tuladhar suggested the need for formation of Disaster Risk Management Authority instead of forming Disaster Risk Management Centre.

Arguing that by changing the setup of the organization, it would make the implementation of Bill further effective, he opined that the Authority should employee experts not the civil servants.

CPN(Maoist Center)'s Hitraj Pandey and Sita Nepali univocally pressed for forming the Centre in line with the federal setup of the country.

Nepal Workers and Peasants' Party's Prem Suwal sought extra clarification regarding the definition of the disaster in the Bill.

Responding to the queries raised by the parliamentarians, Minister Sharma explained that the Bill was introduced in view of the reducing the disaster risks in the country prone to natural disasters.

Sharma said that there was a clear definition of disaster in the Bill for effective management of natural and non-natural disasters and it was in line with the federal set up.



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