France Provides Humanitarian Aid To Flood Affected Districts

France provides a humanitarian aid of EURO 100,000 to Handicap International for the flood-affected districts

Oct. 10, 2017, noon

Kathmandu, 10 October 2017: The French Government has provided a humanitarian aid of EURO 100,000.00 (EURO one hundred thousand) to Handicap International/Nepal (HI) for the victims of the 2017 floods in Tarai.

 For the implementation of the aide, HI will target the families that are the most vulnerable such as persons with disabilities. HI will use the aid to cater the immediate needs of the affected people in Tarai and the families that have been displaced. The targeted districts are Banke and Dang.

 Some of the principle activities are to provide essential non-food items such as tarpaulin, mosquito net, bed, blanket, cloths, and organize health and rehabilitation camps including referrals that offer, amongst others, physiotherapy and sessions of kinesio therapy.  Schemes such as “Cash for Work” would also be implemented.

 As for the beneficiaries, about 700 families (3,500 persons) would receive nonfood item kits, about 400 people would benefit from health and rehabilitation camps, about 600 vulnerable people would receive psychological support to overcome the trauma caused by the catastrophe, and about 300 wounded would receive functional rehabilitation support.

 Regarding this aid, French Ambassador to Nepal Yves Carmona said, “France, as a true friend, stands alongside Nepal to support the government and help the Nepali people affected by the floods.  As the people with disability are the most vulnerable (among others) during difficult times, we will be working with Handicap International, a French INGO well-known in its domain, to help those affected surmount this catastrophe."

 The Country Director of Handicap International/Nepal, Willy Bergogne, said, “The support from France and the French Embassy will be crucial in ensuring that people with disability and vulnerable population of Banke and Dang benefit from adequate support following the floods that affected the southern part of Nepal.”

 According to a press release issued by Embassy of France, earlier, the French government had provided Euros 200,000 to UNICEF/Nepal for the management of acute malnutrition in 18 flood-affected districts.  After the aid to HI, the total French aid for Nepal for the flood affected districts amounts to Euros 300,000 (Euros three hundred thousand).

 About Handicap International:

Handicap International (HI), a French INGO, has been working in Nepal since 2000 and is an independent and impartial organization working in situations of poverty and exclusion, conflict and disaster around the world.  It works with people with disabilities, whatever the context, offering them assistance and supporting them in their efforts to become self-reliant.

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