MD Ghising Opens Ghaidubba Substation In Jhapa

Ghaidubba Substation Charged: Electricity Supply Will Be Improved In Two Villages of Jhapa

March 2, 2019, 7:58 p.m.

Constructed through the government, Nepal Electricity Authority under concessional loan of Asian Development Bank, 33-11 kV Ghaidubba Substation came into operation from today. The substation was charged today amid a function.

Managing Director of Nepal Electricity Authority Kul Man Ghising said that the charging of Ghaildubba Substation is a significant importance to regularize the electricity supply in Surunga, Ghaildubba, Rajgadh and other areas of Jhapa district. He said that the operation of substation will solve the problems of line trip and low voltage.

“After charging of satiation, the problems related to low voltage, electricity loss will reduce making the supply system more dependable,” said MD Ghising.

NEA will bring electricity from Anarmani substation through 33 KV line to Ghaildubba substation. From here, the electricity will be distributed to Ghaildubba and Surunga through 11 kV transmission line.

Currently, the electricity in both the areas is distributed from Anarmani thorugh 11 kV. Due to a long distance and overloading, the areas have been facing regular line trip and low voltage.

NEA has been working to improve the quality of electricity supply throughout the country building new substation construction, supply and distribution system as well as strengthening the systems.

After ending load shedding from the country, NEA has been making efforts to regularize, dependable and quality electricity supply. In current fiscal year, NEA I building and expansion of 30 Grid and 20 distribution systems.

In current fiscal year, NEA is planning to construct 600 Circuit Kilometer Transmission line and 8000 Circuit Kilometer distribution line.

NEA has already constructed 19 grid and 20 distribution substation in the last one year.

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