Jumla High Way Brings Prosperity With High Cost (With Videos)

Jumla High Way Brings Prosperity With High Cost (With Videos)

May 24, 2019, 9:05 a.m.

Although almost 12 years have already been passed since the highway came into operation connecting Jumla to rest of the country, road safety is still a matter of great concern to travelers who are not able to feel safe while commuting on it. In the last one month along, over six people have lost their lives.

Recently volume of the vehicles doubles as the road link to Rara Lake. Many people are travelling to Rara using the road. However, everyone feels nervous when they see the condition of narrow roads and turning.


Local people complain that the government is not serious about upgradation of the highway to minimize the losses of lives and properties. In recent year road has already upgraded in many areas to pass two vehicles improving bridges and adding additional safety measures, the road has changed a lot. But, it is still risky.

Jumla 2.jpg

Although the road is constructed for small vehicles, big buses and trucks with 10 tires are running in the road. Even the road from Surkhet to Dailekh portion is so bad that it is no more movable for trucks. But, trucks are operating.

Kalikot and Dailekh section of Karnali Highway's Kalikot frequently disturbs by dry landslides during the winter and landslides during rainy reasons.

Of late, there have been lots of incidents of dry landslides on the highway. Normally the highway would have landslides only after incessant rainfalls. The highway has already earned a nickname of 'Highway of Death' due to high number of road accidents and human casualties.

Keshab Poudel

Keshab Poudel

Poudel is the editor of New Spotlight Magazine.

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