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NCP chair Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prchanda reveals that KP Oli and he had a written understanding on rotational Prime Ministership

June 7, 2019, 1:38 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: VOL 12 No.20, Jun 07 –27 June, 2019 (Jestha 24, 2076/074-75) Online Register Number: DOI 584

As Prime Minister K.P. Sharma Oli is running the country as a single-handed government, taking major decisions on his own, Nepal Communist Party (NCP) co-chair, in his recent interview, has reminded Prime Minister Oli of his real position.

At a time when PM Oli's government has been focusing more in the state affairs ignoring the party affairs, former PM Prachanda, in his own style, put the pressure on Oli.

The timing chosen by Prachanda is very significant as one and half years have already passed since the formation of the government and there remain another year to cross the half.

"Oli Jee and I have a written understanding to run the government alternatively," said Prachanda, in his calculative and very shrewd manner expressing displeasure.

Chairman of ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Pushpakamal Dahal Prachanda has revealed that prime minister K.P Sharma Oli and he has an understanding to run the government in rotation between them. In his interview with journalist Rishi Dhamala, he said that this understanding was made during the party unification process.

He also said that there were clear understandings between them on taking responsibility of party chair and prime minister in rotation.

"The understanding reached between two (Me and Oli) during the party unification process is not a hidden agenda as it is written. There is a mention in the agreement to run party and government in alternation," said Prachanda.

"Now we have two presidents and he (Oli jee) is leading the government. Although we have an understanding, I don't have any temptation to be a prime minister. If the government works as per the wishes of people for development and prosperity, Oli Jee can run the government for a full term of five years. However, my role must be clarified," said Prachanda.


He also frankly said that there is the need to divide clear role and responsibility between them. " If Oli jee works in a better manner, I will support him. Whatever is written in the understanding, I will not go and ask for prime minister’s chair. My role needs to be clear. The discussion is going on even at the party level. "

He also said that all need to be honest towards the understanding. "Oli also needs to prepare to hand over power as per the understanding. He might be ready for that," said Prachanda.

He said that he is not a power monger but he is seeking a clearly defined role in power or party. "I should be given obvious role in party or government. This will work in the interest of party and government," said Prachanda.

He said that he does not have any hesitation to speak the truth in front of the people. He also said that there are some people who see my clear and concise views as being a power monger or aspiring to become prime minister. "But, I don't have any objection, if the government and party run in good way. I want benefits for the country not for me. If the country can benefit and prosper, it does not have any difference to me to see Oli jee is in power. However, there is the need to have a clear role for me in the party."

Although it is too early to say about the future of the government and possibility of instability, the statement given by Prachanda will likely shake the government, which is said to have two thirds majority in the parliament.

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